5 Simple Ways to Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

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This year I turned 40. While I truly believe age is only a number, I also realize that things don’t work like they used to. In my glory days I could stay out all night and then wake up early the next morning and run a personal best. I could eat fast food more times that I’d like to admit and never gain weight. I was never sick and didn’t have to worry about things like flu shots and annual checkups.

Now I have to do things a little differently. While I still am active and consider myself fit, I have to do all those things I failed to do in my 20s and 30s. Here are 5 simple ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Cups, cups, everywhere cups.

One of my biggest issues is that I don’t drink enough water. From the time I was a kid in elementary school, my beverage of choice was pop (or soda for you southerners). I remember when pop came in glass bottles and you had to use a bottle opener. To ensure I drink more water, I have insulated cups filled with ice water stashed everyone. In my car I have a YETI cup that I find myself constantly sipping on. At my desk, I have yet another cup filled water. I find if I sip on it all day, I can easily get in enough liquids.

Avoid door dings.

I just bought a new car and the last thing I want are door dings. Since people are in such a rush and don’t seem to pay attention anymore, I park my new car at the far end of parking lots where I hope no one decides to park next to me. A positive side effect of me wanting to protect my car is that I have to walk further to get where I need to go. You’d be amazed at how many extra steps

Take a Combat Nap

The first time I heard this phrase, I rolled my eyes. A combat nap, what the heck is that? Basically, its a 10-15 minute period where you close your eyes and try to drown out everything around you. If you sleep great, if not, at least you’ve rested some. So many of us are sleep deprived that even a combat nap over the lunch hour can give us that extra bit of energy we need to get through the day.

Tell a Joke

It doesn’t have to be a great joke, just anything that will get you and those around your to smile a REAL smile (you know, one that you can’t fake). It’s a known fact that smiling releases endorphins which helps relieve stress. And smiling is contagious, so if you start to do it, others will to.

Take a No Thank You Bite

At my daughter’s school, if the kids are hesitant about a food being served, they are required to take a no thank you bite. Let me tell you, those no thank you bites easily turn into “mom please make this for dinner” bites. When I switched out cow’s milk for Silk Soymilk, no one in this household knew the difference. All that was said was “more please!”

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