Take the Greek Yogurt Taste Test

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Disclosure: I want to thank Yoplait for sponsoring this #Tasteoff, giving me the opportunity to express my honest opinion.

Here is a known truth about me that I even wrote on my About Me page….I do not like Greek yogurt. Seriously, I don’t. Because it was the “cool” thing to eat, I tried a couple of different brands only to take a few bites and have to choke it down. I can’t recall if it was a texture or a tartness thing but all that matters is I was not a fan. With my Greek yogurt history, I was surprised that Yoplait invited me to take the Greek yogurt taste test but then realized it only made sense. If the girl who hasn’t found a Greek yogurt she likes picks one, then it can’t be half bad!

greek yogurt tasteoff

Luckily for me, the taste test was between Yoplait Greek Blueberry and Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom since blueberry yogurt is the only type of “regular” yogurt that I will eat without dumping a pound of granola in it. Yogurt is one of those foods that can go wrong easily and why I keep it simple. My daughter and I decided to do our taste test before going to the gym instead of grabbing our usual handful of trail mix.

chobani greek yogurt

First up: the Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom yogurt. I really wanted to love this yogurt because I like the packaging (weird, I know). When I peeled back the foil lid, I noticed that the liquids seemed to be separated from the solids and it took a bit to stir them up. The texture of the yogurt was a bit more bumpy (the technical term my daughter used) and instead of having whole blueberries, there were blueberry pieces. For me, the yogurt was too tart and had a bit to it which reminded me why I have never liked Greek yogurt. Brecken was more forgiving of the taste and ate two bites before moving onto the next sample.

yoplait blueberry greek yogurt

Next we tried the Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt. Immediately, I noticed the texture of this yogurt was more appealing. There were whole blueberries instead of pieces and even the color looked better to me. Brecken took one bite and told me that this was her favorite yogurt. Wanting to see for myself, I took a bite and had to agree with her. The Yoplait Greek yogurt was sweeter, had a nicer texture and lacked the tartness of the Chobani.

Hands down, after taking the Greek yogurt taste test, the Yoplait was the winner. I may even have to update my about me page since I actually really liked this greek yogurt.

What is your favorite Greek yogurt?

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  1. I love Greek Yogurt. I actually like Chobani’s blood orange Greek yogurt. My favorite. I will definitely try out Yoplait’s. I have always like Yoplait’s yogurt flavors but their sugar content was always insanely high.

    • I compared the sugar content for the two I test and the Yoplait had 18g and Chobani 15g. So a difference but not a huge one.

  2. I LOVE Chobani. My fave flavors are Apple Cinnamon, peach, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry (possibly in that order). Sometimes Orange Vanilla, but it’s more like a dessert for me and have to be in the right mood. I jumped on the bandwagon as it has more protein than regular yogurt and since I don’t eat eggs (and don’t like the consistency of oatmeal), this was a great breakfast choice for me. I have tried some other brands such as Yoplait, Oikos and Fage and I just can’t get into those. A few year’s back, my personal trainer recommended Chobani as it was the more palatable of the Greek options out there and I tend to agree.

    • I find it interesting you don’t like the consistency of oatmeal but Greek yogurt is OK. And how you live without eating eggs for breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter) is beyond me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So funny that you wrote you didn’t like Greek yogurt on your about page. Yoplait was our winner here too -even though hubby still doesn’t get the big deal about Greek yogurt.

  4. I’m still learning to love greek yogurt! Maybe I will try it again!

  5. Aside from putting Greek yogurt into fruit salad or a dip, I have never eaten Greek yogurt. I am a yogurt snob. I have texture issues so if it has chunks (fruits or other) it is a definite no go for me. I might have to head out and grab some to have my own taste test and see if I even like Greek yogurt!

  6. I just ate some Chobani greek strawberry yogurt for breakfast. For me, the fact that it’s more tart than others is appealing ๐Ÿ™‚

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