Visiting South Dakota – Day 2

Yes, it's been several months since my trip and South Dakota and I'm finally writing the second post. I'll shed some light on why I've been such a "slacker" later, but for now, let's talk about visiting South Dakota! Day 2 brought the same thing Day 1 did: rain. In fact, we talked with one person who said it had rained or SNOWED every day since April! Hearing her story made me thankful we only had to deal with rain. I've never slept in a tent in really cold weather and definitely didn't want … [Read more...]

Visiting South Dakota – Day 1

For me, beginning a blog post can be very difficult, especially with a travel related post. Usually there are so many different thoughts and ideas going through my head, I can't get them in any type of sequential order. Writing about my recent visit to South Dakota is no different. So many memorable things happened on this trip, I don't know where to begin, so I'll take the easy route and start from the beginning. The drive from Wichita to Custer, South Dakota is 11-12 hours. Something that … [Read more...]