Spiced Tilapia with Roasted Pepper-Tomatillo Sauce

It's been a while since I made this spiced tilapia with roasted red pepper-tomatillo sauce from Cooking Light.  Tilapia is such a mild fish that I usually do something to kick up the flavor a little bit and this recipe works perfectly.    I could eat the fish without the sauce and the sauce without the fish (if that makes any sense) because alone they taste good, together they taste great.  Even my 2-year old daughter and 15-year old step-son both enjoyed this recipe and let me tell you, both of … [Read more...]

If You’re Going To Eat Oysters Do It At The Half Shell Oyster House of Sarasota

I tend to think I'm adventurous when it comes to trying new foods but there are some things I just won't do.  You'll never see me eat a fish that still has it's head attached.  I don't care who makes it.  I'll also never pull the head off a crawfish and suck the meat out.  The thought of doing that makes me want to become a vegetarian.  I also thought I would never eat an oyster.  To me they sounded slimy and I wasn't a big fan of oyster stew.  Then I went to visit my friend who recently moved … [Read more...]