Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Frosting

Fall is my favorite time of the year. While I don't like my days getting shorter, I love seeing the leaves turn different colors, getting to wear my warm sweaters and having most importantly, having an excuse to make most of the foods my family eats with pumpkin. My daughter and I usually make pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin bread together. We've even tried pumpkin soup and some day I'm going to get adventurous and try making my own pumpkin puree. In the meantime, we've added a new recipe to … [Read more...]

Perfect Pumpkin Pancakes

Growing up, pancakes were a treat.  I remember on the weekends my mom would whip out her square griddle and make pancakes for my brothers and me. Sometimes she would get fancy and make them in the shape of the first letters in our names, sometimes they would be simple circles.  Either way, it was a treat and a breakfast food that we all loved.  Now that I have a daughter, I find myself making pancakes at least twice a month.  Typically on a Saturday I'll whip out my electric griddle and make … [Read more...]