Things to Do in Arkansas – Family Friendly Hiking Trails

Be honest. When I say Arkansas, what immediately comes to mind? Let me guess, Bill Clinton. Walmart? The Razorbacks! Sure, those are all very important things to the state of Arkansas (especially the Razorbacks), but what many people don't realize is there are several outdoorsy things to do in Arkansas, especially in my favorite part of the state, northwest Arkansas. We were there over my daughter's Spring Break and had a great time. We camped, hiked and overindulged on fried foods at … [Read more...]

Kayaking the Buffalo River in Arkansas

Have you ever slept in the back of a Jeep? I have and I'll be the first to admit, it's not the most comfortable experience. But, I'd gladly crawl in the back of that Jeep again to spend the day kayaking the Buffalo River in Arkansas. As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed, my boyfriend and I like to do outdoorsy things. We've gone snowshoeing in Colorado, backpacked in Glacier National Park and this year, we're headed to Alaska. After hiking a couple of times in the Buffalo River … [Read more...]

I’m A Little Country At The Garden Home Retreat #Bean2Blog

My first year in college I went through a country music phase.  I listened to singers like Travis Tritt, Randy Travis and some guy named Garth Brooks?  I'm not sure how that started because the majority of my mere 18 years of life I listened to rock music.  Everything from Elvis Presley (thanks Mom) to hair bands and even the dreaded heavy metal. That country phase only lasted 6 months and I never thought it would ever come back.  That was until I visited P. Allen Smith's Garden Home Retreat. … [Read more...]