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For Mother’s Day as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I treated myself and bought this awesome Samsung Smart Camera and Tab Bundle from Sam’s Club. As always, statements are 100% mine and yours may differ.

As much as I love technology, I’m a late adopter. I know, you’re probably thinking what do I mean by that? Well, I will do everything I can online and find myself playing around with all the latest greatest social media sites. If there is a way to automate a process, I’m on it. But when it comes to devices, I’m usually the last person to buy something. I like to make informed purchases and that means doing my research and trying to get the best deal.  That’s why for Mother’s Day I decided it was time I put to use my research on smart cameras and bought myself the Samsung Smart Camera and Table Bundle from Sam’s Club.

Samsung Smart Camera and Tablet Bundle.jpg

I used to be camera adverse. I never took pictures of anything and would just ask my friends to send me copies of the pictures they took. Then I had a baby and you know what happens then. You take so many pictures that your child thinks your camera is a part of your body, like an extra arm or something. And then after the baby, I became a blogger. Sometimes I even consider myself a food blogger so you know what that meant. I had to buy a DSLR. And guess what. It’s big and bulky and I rarely take pictures with it outside the home.

After doing some research, I decided on a Samsung Smart Camera. I wanted a camera that I could easily throw in my purse to capture those unplanned moments. But at $549, it wasn’t a price I could justify. That is until Mother’s Day came around and I found a sweet deal at Sam’s Club.  You see, I not only got this lightweight camera which rivals my DSLR in picture quality, I also got a Samsung Tablet. AND get this, it also included Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Purchased separately, all of these would have been around $800 but I paid $599. I basically got the tablet for FREE.

Samsung Smart Camera & Tab Bundle

The timing of the sale was perfect as this was the first Mother’s Day in years that I was able to spend it with my family.  My daughter was able to spend time with her grandparents and her favorite uncle (shhh, don’t tell my other brother) and I was able to capture some of those moments with my Samsung smart camera. They love making funny faces at each other.

photos from smart cameras #pixbundles

smart cameras #pixbundle

By no means am I a photographer. I still use the auto setting on my camera yet I think these pictures turned out pretty good and I even got that cool blur effect in the background! If I ever get around to taking that photography class I’ve talked about, I can shoot in manual on my Samsung smart camera and even shoot in RAW. Now, I’m not exactly sure what that means but I’ve heard that’s what all the cool photographers do. 🙂

pet photograph with the samsung smart camera

Shot in manual – I’m learning!

Remember, this is a smart camera. That means it has Wifi! Just the other day a friend was asking the easiest way to post a picture from her DSLR to Instagram. With my Samsung smart camera, I can send my photo over any wireless network to my iPhone and easily upload it to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Auto backup wirelessly transfers my photos and movies (it records in 1080p full HD video) to my pc, even if my PC is turned off.

And don’t even get me started on the tablet. Remember, me? Late adopter of devices? Well, now that I have a tablet I realize what I’ve been missing. What I’m most excited to try out is the built-in infrared blaster and Smart Remote, which means I can manage my television, DVD player, etc. without hardware or cables!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 #pixbundle #cbias

This Mother’s Day was extra special. For the first time in years I spent it with my mom, my daughter was right by my side and for once, I received the perfect gift. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

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  1. Looks awesome! I would take a million pictures in a day if I had that camera LOL The wi-fi is pretty cool!

  2. To say I want this camera is an understatement. My birthday gift to myself…no doubt. I have two friends that have it and it’s simply amazing. It does EVERYTHING and then some. 🙂

  3. It looks like this bundle is fun and easy to use. I love the quality of your photos. I’m still using my iPhone for photos, so I should get something nicer like this.

  4. I love the pic of your daughter and her uncle 🙂 If anyone deserves to treat themselves you most certainly do! And yes, I found as soon as I had my son I started taking many more pictures. I would love the camera but have yet to purchase a tablet and could so use the Photoshop.

  5. How cool! I’m in the market for a new camera and a tablet!? I have a Kindle Fire, but I don’t classify that as a tablet. That’s my reading device! LOL What a great Mother’s Day gift to you! I can’t wait to see more pictures from you with your new camera!

    • My daughter is LOVING MY tablet (I have to keep reminder her it’s mine). We always watch one Peep and the Big Wide World video at night and she loves that it’s “so big mommy”…lol!

  6. The pics are such nice quality! I really should look into a new camera as mine tend to blurr esp if inside.

  7. Wow, I love how compact it is and yet it takes such great quality pics!

  8. Oh my goodness. Those pictures are crystal clear and the tablet includes Photoshop Lightroom?? Drool.

  9. It is amazing what having a kid can do for your photo skills, right? What a great gift for yourself! And I love that last shot of the pooch, too sweet 😉

  10. WHOA! Those photos are amazing. I didn’t even know that Samsung made cameras…but now I want one. I was thinking of upgrading my camera body only, but I could get this fancy Samsung bundle for about the same price. And Lightroom – too cool!

    Also, I just signed up for a self-paced RAW photography course, I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Definitely let me know how that class goes! Once grad school is over, I’m focusing on learning how to really use my camera!

  11. This looks like an amazing camera and getting the tablet and adobe software in the same bundle is such a great deal!

  12. Melanie

    What a great Mother’s Day present!

  13. Aw, Happy Mother’s Day to you! It’s so nice to treat yourself once in a while.

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