A Simple Start to a Healthier Me

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I wrote this blog post as part of a movement by Weight Watchers to encourage people to remember that loving yourself starts with taking care of your health everyday. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. #LoveHealthyMe #wwsponsored

Reality kicked in a few weeks ago and it kicked me hard. In fact, I was kicked and sucker punched and I didn’t like it one bit. No one likes to hear the news that your friend has died from a massive heart attack.

It made me reflect on my life.

It made me realize that even though I work out and I eat fairly healthy, there are small steps that I can make to get to a healthier me. So this past week, I made a few changes.

I went to sleep early, without feeling guilty. Instead of relying on my usual 5-6 hours of sleep a night, I actually slept for eight and let me tell you, it felt great. Those bills still got paid and no one went to work/school without clean socks.

myka 26 #lovehealthyme #wwsponsored

I bought a bike. As in one that you have to peddle. Now for those who really know me, you know I’m borderline addicted to running (all right, I’m 100% addicted), so this is a big step for me. It’s just my size, it’s orange and it’s being delivered next week. And it will come AFTER I run my half marathon this weekend. Addictions are hard to break.

We took the dog for a walk. Not only was it good for Brecken and me, Wrigley was extremely grateful. Nothing says excitement to a dog like hearing the “w” word.

I did a cartwheel. It wasn’t pretty and made me kind of dizzy but doing it made my daughter laugh, which in turn made me smile.

chicken eggs #wwsponsored #lovehealthyme

I shopped local. As in my eggs came from a friend with chickens and not some mass produced egg farm. They were fresh and delicious and not once did I worry about what those chickens were being fed.

My emails were ignored. Intentionally. It was my day off and they could wait.

And in the famous words of one Disney Frozen star, I let it go. I let go of some pent up anger and frustration that had been building for quite some time. Who knew Queen Elsa was so smart. 🙂

What simple start are you making to become healthier?

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