Shut The Front Door I’m Going To LA To The Iron Man 3 Premiere! #IronMan3Event

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Disclosure: I am being provided with all-expenses paid trip to LA. No compensation is being received for this trip and all the run-on sentences, use of parenthesis and other typos are exclusively mine. :)

It was a typical Wednesday night. I left work a few minutes early because I had to run to the grocery store. It seems some people in this house think that cereal is not an appropriate choice for dinner.  As I’m waiting in line to check out, I started my usual routine. First I read all the covers of the gossip magazines (what? Kim and Kayne are breaking up?), then I contemplated buying a candy bar or two (which I never do…) and finally I checked my emails. Usually it’s delete, delete, delete but not this time. THIS time I saw the subject line that made my heart skip a beat: Disney & Marvel Invite You to Los Angeles.

Iron Man 3 Poster

What?! Me? Was I really going on a trip to LA  to attend the IRON MAN 3 PREMIERE or was this some awful April Fool’s Day joke a few days late?  I verified and yes, it was TRUE.  24 other bloggers and myself will spend three days living the good life in LA. We’ll be staying at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, known as the “hotel of the stars.” I’ve been looking over their website and every thing is top notch. The guest rooms look comfortable and inviting and those Sheraton Sweetsleeper beds? Heaven!

Sheraton Universal #IronMan3Event

Sheraton Universal Hotel

We also get to do fun things such as tour and have breakfast at the world famous El Capitan Theatre and Soda Fountain and get our pictures taken (or as they say in the South, get our pictures made) with Tony Stark at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! I’ve only been to LA one other time and unfortunately, didn’t make it to either of these places. It’s definitely been on my “things I’m going to do” list.

El Capitan Theatre

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum #IronMan3Event

Tony Stark #IronMan3Event

I’m going to wrap my arms around this guy!

But most of exciting for me is the chance to feel like a celebrity for just a moment and get to attend the premier of Iron Man 3 and walk the red carpet. I’m giddy with excitement and haven’t been able to focus on anything else! And if the stars are aligned (pun totally intended), I may even get to interview some of the A-Listers in this film. I have so many things do to get ready (hair, nails and oh my gosh, what the heck am I going to wear?!) but just as much fun for me, I get to meet some of the awesome bloggers that I’ve been chatting with online.  The awesome Becky who keeps my site up and running, the highly successful Amy, founder of MomSpark Media and many more! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning and even created a countdown timer!

Countdown to the Iron Man 3 Premiere #IronMan3Event

Countdown to the Iron Man 3 Premiere #IronMan3Event

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and the hashtag #IronMan3Event to keep up with all the fun! Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May 3th.  Plan your date night now!

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  1. Great post Sarah. I am excited to meet you! I also love the count down you have on your site!

    • I am sooo excited to meet you! And Becky, I promise not to ask you any techy questions while we’re on this junket. :)

  2. Sarah, I absolutely LOVE the countdown, and I totally understand the kid at Christmas part! I am not sure I am going to sleep for the next two weeks! It’s going to be amazing! Loved your post, and can’t wait to meet you in LA!

    • I had to start the countdown. People kept asking how many days until the event and I didn’t want to keep counting on my fingers! LOL!! Can’t wait to meet you too Ashley!!

  3. Yay you!! I’m so excited to follow along! Pack me in an extra-large suitcase?

  4. Isn’t feeling like a celebrity fun? So awesome!

  5. That is so awesome! I can’t wait to see it!!!

  6. how exciting and fun that will be!

  7. LOVE your count down clock and am very excited for you!!! have a blast as I’m sure you will–can’t wait to see the movie myself and of course hear / read all about your time on the red carpet!

  8. have SO MUCH FUN!! I’m jealous- I’m not star struck often but i LOVE me some RJDjr :)

    ps make sure you have an on the go charger for your smartphone. just trust me

  9. Shut the Front door is RIGHT!!! I can’t wait to read more about your adventure!

  10. Wow, i wish I could go! I love Iron Man movies. I’d be super excited too if I got to go.

  11. I’m so crazy jealous! How does one get the invitation to go on trips like this? I need your tips so I get invited on one some day!

    In all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS! It will be amazing I’m sure. My husband met RDJ and GP when they were here in NC filming. He said RDJ is even sexier in person and that GP is gorgeous.

    If you get a chance, give RDJ a kiss on the cheek for me. *shivers*

  12. This is awesome! Congrats and woohoo! A true red carpet experience and a blogging coup. I hope you have a tremendous time, and that the Iron Man 3 experience is as awesome as the excitement and build-up is preparing us for in the reveal! Kudo’s to you!

  13. That sounds like so much fun!!! I love the Iron Man movies!

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