The Secret to Perfect Popcorn

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Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring this post and preventing burned popcorn everywhere…

I have a goal. It may be a lofty one but it’s a goal I hope to achieve. When I turned 40, one thing I wanted to do was watch at least one movie that had won an Academy Award for best picture. Unknowing to me, I had actually seen several but none of the recent movies or the classics. So my new goal is to watch all of them. Even the ones I know I’m not going to like and that means lots of movie nights.

perfect popcorn

Having a movie night means two things: pajamas and popcorn. The pajamas part is easy but the popcorn, not so much. For the longest time I’ve been dependent on the popcorn button on my microwave. Usually one of two things will happen, I’ll either have tons of old maids OR my popcorn will be burned. Anyone who has ever burned popcorn in their microwaves knows how that smell lingers for days.  To avoid that dreaded smell, I’ve started using the Pop Secret Perfect Pop App.

The app is simple to use. Simply download the free app and choose the type of popcorn bag you have: regular or snack size. Input the suggested amount of  cooking time on your microwave oven and then turn the volume up on your phone. Start the microwave and then start the app. Place your phone close to your microwave oven and once your popcorn is done, the app will let you know! The secret to perfect popcorn is as simple as that!

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