Rebranding My Blog

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Once upon a time I was a blogger, in fact, I might go as far to say that I was a professional blogger, since I lived off the income I made from writing posts and promoting brands. Being a professional blogger was a lot of fun, but also a ton of work. There were many late nights, a few early mornings and lots of caffeine being consumed. Fast forward to the present, and you’ll notice I’ve been lackadaisical about my blog. Part of it was due to the things I never wrote about: fighting to protect my daughter, my mom dying of lung cancer, my dad being diagnosed with lymphoma, getting married (one very bright spot), and having a miscarriage. The last year of my life was about survival, and not necessarily something I wanted to relive on my blog.

blog rebranding

The other part had to do with my brand, or lack thereof. When I started my blog back in 2010, like many, I had no clue what I was doing or what I wanted to write about. I chose a generic name, which meant something to me, but didn’t give any insight as to what my blog was about. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if I were a fashion blogger (is there an apparel district on East 9th Street in NYC or something?), I’d be a few steps further to paying off my student loans. 😉

After many discussions with myself, I made the decision to rebrand, only when I tried to figure out what my brand was (or who I was), the only things that came to mind were demographics. I’m female. I’m Korean. I’m 40-something. Let’s be real, that doesn’t tell you anything about a person. All 40-something, Korean females are not the same. Instead of checking off boxes, I thought about the things that make my family and me who we are. What do we like to do? What do people ask us about? What advice or insight could we give to others? So I did what I do best, I made a list.

Then it hit me. The Outside Family.

We’re constantly going somewhere, doing something and trying to be as active as possible, in the outdoors. We take road trips to all these really cool places that many people don’t know about. We’re on our bicycles, we run, we hike and yes, I even do the soccer mom thing. I’ve learned a thing or two about taking trips that are fun for everyone in our family.

Today will be my last day as East 9th Street. It’s been a good ride but it’s time to move on. I’m excited, a bit scared but truly looking forward to the new direction of the blog. Here’s to new adventures. Here’s to living a life outside.

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About Sarah

Mom. Blogger. Runner. Hiker. Insomniac. Not necessarily in that order.


  1. I’m thinking about re-branding. It just seems overwhelming to me but I feel stuck in a rut and I’m ready to get out! I am going to think about the questions you have posted to help me decide on a name. I love your domain name! Thanks for your help!

    • I know exactly how you feel! Figuring out a name, and then making sure those social media handles were available was very time consuming but it’s worth it in the end. Good luck Amy!

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m sorry for your struggles, and when so many things happen at once … it must have been unbearable. I found your re-branding story interesting since I’ve thought about it myself, however I came to the conclusion that my blog really was about “me, keeping with the times” so I’ve finally accepted it once and for all! Also, thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for your nice comment, I really appreciate it.

    • Thank you and you are welcome! And you were right, it was Blissdom 2013…I was working for Collective Bias at the time and got an opportunity to meet several great bloggers, like yourself. Glad to see that you’re still keeping with the times! 🙂

  3. Sarah I’m sorry about the loss of your mom and you’re dad’s diagnosis. I’m glad you are in the new direction that feels best for you. I’m working on mine as well. Hope we can connect more and possibly see eachother again in the near future! <3

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