PlasmaCar Review

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The first time I saw a PlasmaCar was at my daughter’s preschool.  There were 3 of them lined up against the wall – pink, yellow and red.  Not knowing anything about them, I asked my daughter about it.  After all, she is 2 years old and an expert at all things pink.  Her response, “my car,” wasn’t as detailed as I would have liked so I set out to do some research.

PlasmaCars are one of the coolest toys I have come across in a long time.  A toy that your child rides, they are propelled by simply turning the steering wheel.  No batteries, no chargers, nothing electrical on this toy.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I am tired of buying toys for my child that require a small fortune in batteries.  Not only is it a drain on my pocketbook, all those dead batteries are terrible for the environment.

Putting together toys is not my strong suit.  I tend to use intuition instead of directions, which isn’t always a good thing.  When I pulled the pieces out of the box, I was relieved there were so few of them.  Putting on the rear wheels was a little difficult for me, only because I used my hands and not a rubber mallet.  Piecing together the front wheels and the steering column was very easy.  I think it took about 5 minutes total to put it together.  Using the rubber mallet would have easily shaved 2 minutes off this process.

The car can support up to 220 lbs on a flat, smooth surface so for its maiden voyage, my daughter and I rode together.  I knew it didn’t work on carpet but I thought I would try it out on the tile in my kitchen.  Not so much luck there.  We went backwards more than forwards.  Knowing it worked best on a cement surface, I made my husband pull the cars out of the garage so we could ride around in there.  There were so many smiles and giggles from both of us!  The car was easy to use on the right surface.  My husband tried taking pictures of us but because we were going so fast, they were just a blur.

We love our PlasmaCar and think every kid (and adult) should have one.  Seriously (notice I say seriously a lot in my posts?), I can see PlasmaCar races at our next tailgating adventure or family gathering.  This car is definitely a toy that will continue to entertain for many years to come.


Disclosure: East9thStreet was given product to facilitate this review.  Statements are 100% mine and yours may differ.


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  1. I would love the BLUE PlasmaCar for my son. These are AWESOME! 

  2. I would love the blue one for my DD. roxannajolly at gmail dot com

  3. stacie williams says:

    stacie williams

  4. stacie williams says:

    red or blue

  5. Jena Whipking says:


  6. I like the yellow…and the red!

  7. Love your blog! I should have gotten on here sooner!! Would LOVE to win either a BLUE or RED PLASMA CAR :) SOO CUTE!

  8. Hope Holland says:

    Yellow or Pink

  9. I think I would choose blue for Blaze.

  10. I think I would like yellow or red… probably red.

  11. Jessi Greenmamajama

    I would LOVE to win a pink one!!

  12. Jessi Greenmamajama

    I subscribed via RSS with this email~
    Jessi Greenmamajama

  13. Crystal R. says:

    We love purple!

  14. purple!

  15. I would choose the red one.

  16. I would choose the blue one for my sons!

    Kerri Clark

  17. Gladys Parker says:

    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  18. I would get red for both of my kids

  19. Betty Baez says:

    i would love it in blue

  20. Red!

  21. Love the red one!

  22. Melissa Rio says:

    My son would love blue :)

  23. My boy loves yellow so that’s the color i would get him

  24. Red would be our color choice!

  25. I like the red and the pink

  26. I would love a pink or red one.

  27. My daughter likes the pink one too!

  28. Lee Ann Kaplan

    Lee Ann Kaplan

  29. Lee Ann Kaplan

    I’d like the red plasma car

  30. Linda Heyde says:

    This looks like fun!

  31. Red, please!

  32. Robin Murphy says:


  33. I would love one in blue or red for my boys!

  34. NATALIE WEEKS says:

    natalie weeks

    natalienweeks at gmail dot com

  35. NATALIE WEEKS says:

    we’d LOVE the yellow one =)

  36. I would get the red :)

  37. Alexandra Kauffman says:

    Alexandra Kauffman

  38. Alexandra Kauffman says:

    I would love red

  39. The BLUE one is way cute, and DD’s favorite color!

    kolobstar at gmail dot com

  40. ronda peyton says:

    i would love to win

  41. I’ve got a great place to ride the red one with my kids!

  42. LaTanya Thornhill says:


  43. Natalie Chizen says:

    I would love this for my boys Thanks!

  44. Natalie Chizen says:

    I like the blue one thanks

  45. Maegan Morin says:

    I would love to get it in yellow!!

  46. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would choose the red PlasmaCar! Such a great toy!

  47. Niecey Docherty says:

    I didn’t see where to enter my name and e-mail

    Niecey Docherty


  48. Niecey Docherty says:

    I’d like the red one

  49. I would love to get the Red plasma car
    ( I am an email subscriber with email nclaudia25atyahoodotcom)

  50. Amber Flores

  51. I would love a red plasma car~!

  52. Definitely red!

  53. In the easy entry there was no where to put my name & email address.

  54. I love the pink Plasma car.

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  55. Love the RED one!

  56. Kimberly M.

    Kimberly Matlack
    email address left in the email address line. Sorry don’t like to post it on the internet.

  57. Kimberly M.

    I like the Blue car.

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