Photo Scavenger Hunt

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A few weeks ago we were at this restaurant in Hutchinson, Kansas where they sold all kinds of trinkets. You know, the stuff you think you need but when you get home, it sits on your counter for six weeks and then you forget that you bought it. Well, one of the things they had were these car bingo games. At first I thought it would be really fun for Brecken on our many road trips but then I realized, in reality it would become one of those things that just sat on the shelf, or in this case, in the backseat of my car.

The last thing I want is more stuff in my house or my car.


So I got to thinking about what would help her pass the time and then it landed in my inbox, literally. Why not organize a photo scavenger hunt? All I had to do was give her a list of things to photograph and a camera, and she’d be entertained for hours! Just last weekend we had family photographs taken and Brecken took it upon herself to tell our photographer how we should pose. I think somewhere deep down, she has her mom’s photography bug.

We’re leaving on our next road trip in a few hours and I’ve been working on a list of things for Brecken to photograph and yes, I’ll be playing along too. Some easy things are on the list….flowers, clouds, and cows (after all, we do live in Kansas) but I also want her to be creative and have happy, exciting and peaceful listed. It will be interested to see how we both interpret things and I’ll be sharing our photos on my Instagram page.

What are your favorite family travel tips?

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