February Photo A Day Challenge Day 14: Love

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Photo A Day Love

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 14 – LOVE

I took a little break.  In case you noticed (wait, what if you didn’t notice and now I’m just telling on myself), it’s been over a week since I posted my photo a day challenge on the blog.  Taking a picture and uploading it to Instagram is one thing, writing a blog post is another.  I mean, there were a lot of episodes of Chopped that I HAD to watch.  You know, research for the new cooking blog that I’m starting.  So if you want to keep up with the photos I’m taking, be sure to follow me @East9thStreet and if you want me to keep up with posting my anecdotes about my photos, nag me on Facebook!

Our theme for today was love.  There are so many things I love. I love Diet Pepsi, I love the smell of fresh laundry and more than anything other thing or person in the world, I love my daughter.  When you’re kidless, your friends with kids constantly tell you how you will never understand what it is like to love another person until you have a child. They were so right.

I can’t even begin to describe how much love I have for this child.  But I’ll try.

I love it when she wakes up in the morning with a huge grin on her face. She’s more of a morning person than I will ever be.  When she tells me I’m the best mommy EVER (yes, she emphasizes that part), my heart melts and I actually start to think I might be doing this parenting thing right.  Each day my love for her grows stronger when I didn’t even think it was possible.  She’s my pride, my joy and my mini me.  She has a fierce attitude when she doesn’t get her way but the has more compassion in her tiny little fingers than many adults do in their entire being.  I want her to grow up and take on the world.  And conquer it.  Yes, I love this little girl more than anything or anyone in the world and that is the one constant that will never change.

 Who or what is your greatest love?

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  1. This post is so sweet, and she is just gorgeous! I would have to agree with you that you don’t know how much you are capable of loving until you have a child, then your heart just opens up.

    I’m going to follow you on Instagram to see more of your pictures, you can follow me back at @hardlyahousewife. I see you live in Chicago, I’m from Milwaukee, sister cities!

  2. You have such a cutie there!

  3. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful! I just love her look and style! I feel the same about my family. What would we be without them?

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