Perfectly Packed Lunches for Kids

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Many thanks to Fruitshoot for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to share fun solutions for my kids’ lunches!

Perfectly packed lunches for kids can mean different things to different people. For me, it means my daughter has a variety of fruit and vegetables that she will actually eat.  She’ll eat about any fruit, even those nasty honeydew melons but with veggies, she’s a bit pickier.

Lately she’s been fascinated with rainbows. She draws them on all of her pictures and looks for them in the sky. Being the sly mom that I am, I decided to take advantage of her rainbow love and to teach her healthy eating habits. As I told her each day she should eat a rainbow, her eyes became wide and then she quickly put me in my place, “Mom, you can’t eat rainbows. They’re not from our land.”

From our land. No, she doesn’t mean our garden. She means “our” land, like our realm of the universe. She’s seen Frozen waaay too many times.

rainbow packed lunches

So I quickly explained that in her lunch box, she’s going to see every color in the rainbow.

Red = Tomatoes

Orange = Carrots

Yellow = Banana slices

Green = Broccoli

Blue = Blueberries

Then I got to purple. And was stumped. Purple. The color of rain according to Prince. My grandmother’s favorite color and for one brief moment in time, my daughter’s favorite color. I couldn’t come up with any purple food examples, then I had one of those lightbulb moments. I didn’t pack a beverage yet! Surely there had to be a low calorie product out there that was purple.


Enter a new product I’ve been seeing around, Robinson’s Fruitshoot. This drink doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup and comes with a no spill cap, something highly important for a 4-year old. There are two versions: regular and no sugar added. I’m going to opt for the no-sugar-added version since it only has 20 calories and I may or may not stash a couple in my gym bag for myself. Shhh, don’t tell.

packed lunch ideas

Now my daughter can eat and drink a rainbow for lunch. How many kids can say that?

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  1. It’s funny how food seems more appetizing (even as an adult) when separated into cute little containers. As a kid, I hated having two different foods touch so your muffin holders lunch would have been a huge hit. The bright colors are so eye-grabbing, too.

  2. I’ve never heard of Fruitshoot but it looks like something we’d like to cool off with this summer after camp or a day in the pool. I’ll have to look for it in the grocery store!

  3. Hello can you please send me a rainbow packed lunch they look so yummy !

  4. I’ve never heard of Fruitshoot but it definitely looks like something my kids would enjoy. Love the rainbow lunch. Kids always love something that gives them variety and appealing colours!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check these out.

  6. What a Great Idea & Healthy Too!

  7. What a great idea! I never thought of adding muffin papers to separate multiple things in one container.

  8. Those look awesome! What a great idea. My kids pack lunches every day for school.

  9. I love healthy treats and these are fun too

  10. I always pack my kids lunches for school and they are teens now. SO much cheaper and healthier than buying school lunch. Everything looks delicious!

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