Parenting Styles

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With the bad day I was having last week, I found this graphic on parenting styles very interesting.  I consider myself to be authoritative but there are some days that authoritarian mommy comes out.  Come to think of it, when I worked outside the home, it was the same way…

Parenting Styles Graphic

Parenting Styles Info From

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  1. An interesting read and it all makes perfect sense.

    Lack of guidance from the home (plus, in my opinion, a weak penal system in the UK) is certainly a root cause for much of the anti-social behavior displayed in schools and on the streets. One of the most impressive things I’ve noticed since my relocation to France has been the continuation of ‘old fashioned’ family values which comes to me like a breath of fresh air. Children and adolescents in France are in the main, respectful to their teachers and adults. Discipline is strict by UK standards but I believe it makes for far better balanced individuals.

  2. Interesting, although my parenting style does not neatly fit into any one of those categories.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have read about parenting styles a lot. I love these infographs!

  4. I got really caught up in this for a few reasons. I’m very authoritative but my wife is permissive. She took off working for 2yrs to be with my oldest (7) daughter and took off working for 2yrs to be with my youngest (2) daughter. Their personalities could not be more different. While the oldest is the “I just want us to all be friends at the end of the day” type while the youngest is an “It’s my way or the highway,” type. I’m actual switching to the firmer style to counter act some of her stubbornness and inability to compromise at all.

    One thing that I do know is I have to avoid being the “because I say so” type of parent because it does not instill awareness. We have to do a better job of communicating with our kids and guiding them to a role of leadership. My wife always caves if primed by the kids, even if it means going head to head with “mean dad.” Both our families marvel at how our kids behave and the different degrees of respect they show towards us. If I say “no” it means NO and they act accordingly. If she says “no” it means MAYBE and they bug the HELL out of her.

  5. Very interesting to read and its a helpful one too. Parents should really learn how to understand their children’s feelings and emotions because in that way, communication follows. It is much healthier to have a good communication with both parties rather than guessing on where to start and stop listening with each other. Thanks!

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