On The Set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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I’m usually not one for surprises. In fact, I don’t like them. I have a few control issues (OK, a lot of control issues) and knowing there is a surprise makes me all jittery inside. So when I received my itinerary for the Iron Man 3 premiere last April, seeing the world “surprise” did not sit well with me, and no, the word “special” before surprise did not make it better.

captain america chris evans

Ashley, Sarah, Tiffany, CHRIS EVANS, Myrah and Susan on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It turns out all surprises are not bad. In fact, this surprise rocked, in the biggest of ways. In fact, it was so good that we (the other awesome bloggers with me on this trip) gave up LUNCH for this special surprise. Being in LA and giving up lunch? That was huge for me but not as huge as being on the set of Captain America: The Winter soldier AND getting to chat and meet Chris Evans!


In fact, the first 30 seconds of the clip above is the scene that was saw being filmed. I’m terrible at remembering lines from movies but, “this guy’s got a rep for maximum casualties” stuck in my head for some reason. I have a new appreciation for what it takes to film a movie. It’s definitely a hurry up and wait type of atmosphere and when you have Directors like Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, you understand why. While the scene was being filmed, we were lucky enough to get headphones so we could hear everything that was being said inside that ship. Everything. 

Captain American & Black Widow

And for those of you who can’t watch video at work (because I know some of you are reading this at work…you know who you are), here is a picture from the scene. I have to say, Scarlett Johannson holds her own in this scene with all the boys. I remember which actors were messing up their lines and it wasn’t her. 😉

Below are some behind-the-scenes photos. Think it might be a bit cold in that last one?

Chris Evans & Scarlett

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson


Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo


Russo Bros on set of Captain America

Chris Evans and Co-Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

Advance tickets for Captain America: The Winter Soldier can be purchased on Fandango which releases in theaters on April 4th! Stay social by “Liking” Captain America on Facebook and following  Captain America on Twitter.

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