Nobody Will Know The Difference With Dassant Pound Cake Mix

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Sometimes, you have to take short cuts.  And because I’ve recently made a major life change, I’m finding that one place I need to take short cuts is in the kitchen.  It may come to surprise you but I love fall baking.  If there is a can of pumpkin in the house, you can bet I’m making some pumpkin monkey bread or pumpkin oatmeal cookies.  I’ve also been known to bake & eat entire pound cake or two.  But with my limited time, there are some days that I’d just rather sit and put together puzzles with my daughter so instead, I head to my pantry and look for my go-to pound cake mix.  And guess what, nobody will know the difference with Dassant.

Dassant mixes are super easy to make.  All you need to make any of their baking mixes are oil (you could probably substitute applesauce if you’re trying to eat healthier), water and eggs.  That’s it.  And unlike the awesome, artery-clogging pound cake that my good friend makes which requires 12 eggs(!), this pound cake mix only needs two.  Everyone has two eggs in their refrigerator, right?

So how do you make an awesome pound cake from a mix that tastes homemade?  It’s really quite simple if you follow these easy steps.

  1. Spray your loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray.  Sure you could butter the pan but that just takes more time and is messy! Another important step, make sure your black lab stays out of the kitchen.  Or at least out of your pictures. :)
  2. Mix the eggs, oil and water with a whisk.
  3. Add the pound cake mix.
  4. Whisk everything together until the consistency is smooth – like pudding.
All you have to do now is pop it in the oven and try not to think about it for the next 50 minutes which is most definitely easier said than done.

Now I will 100% admit I was worried when making this pound cake mix.  I was worried it wouldn’t taste as good as my friend’s pound cake or even the pound cakes that I’ve picked up at the grocery store.  But just look at that yumminess.  This cake did not disappoint.  In fact, my husband asked me how I had time to make this cake (because he’s seen how long it takes me to make a “real” one).  Some things he just doesn’t need to know….

If you’re like me and need a short cut here or there, make sure to try out the Dassant line of baking mixes.  The mixes retail for $4.99 each and you can buy them from Dassant Direct or at Amazon, Tuesday Morning and many other places. Over Labor Day weekend I made the Truffle Brownie mix and they didn’t make it through the night.  That just shows how good these mixes are!  If you want to make something a little different with the mixes, be sure to check out the recipe section on their website.  There are several different recipe suggestions listed by the mix flavor.  I’m definitely making the beer bread cheese bites with my Beer Bread mix and have to try these root beer float cupcakes with my Chocolate Cake Mix.

So if you’re a busy like me (and who isn’t?), then give the Dassant baking mixes a shot.  Trust me, I know you’ll like them.

Disclosure: East9thStreet received product in order to conduct this review. No monetary compensation was received.  Regardless, opinions are 100% mine and yours may differ.

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  1. I have never heard of this brand pound cake. I will have to try it. Also, I have made monkey bread before but never pumpkin monkey bread! That sounds great for this time of year!


  2. Wow, that totally looks store bought. It came out gorgeous.

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but really if they can make a pound cake box mix that tastes like a real pound cake, I’m all for it! make my life easier!!

  4. I would really like to try this brand. Sounds Yummy!

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