Natural Grocers Opens in West Wichita

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West Wichita is in for a treat! Tomorrow, Natural Grocers opens their second location in the Wichita area at 13th and Maize. The new store is  stocked with a variety of products that stay true to the Natural Grocers brand.

Natural Grocers is different from other health food stores I’ve frequented. At all of their stores, a credentialed Nutrition Health Coach (NHC) is on staff. The Nutrition Health Coach provides education not only for customers but also for the store employees and the community as a whole. If you have special dietary needs or have questions about specific foods or nutrients, they can help provide education and even design personalized supplement and eating programs or provide one-on-one private coaching sessions. These services are provided at no charge to the consumer.

natural grocers organic produce
Another difference you notice is that they sell only USDA Certified organic produce. At Natural Grocers, you’ll never have to worry about cross-contamination or someone putting non-organic produce in the wrong place. And the prices are very reasonable. For me, buying all organic produce doesn’t always work with my budget. I usually have to stick with a few organic items and buy the rest conventional but after checking out the prices in the produce section, I’ll be able to add even more organic produce to my diet.

natural grocers energy bars
The variety of products is impressive. The number of different energy bars means I can try a new brand and flavor every day of the month. While some products are a bit more expensive my local grocery store, you can find great deals when they have a sale. For example, the ProBars
my boyfriend is grabbing in the picture were on sale for less than $2/bar. I priced the same bars at REI and they were $3/bar!

natural grocers no preservatives
What is even more impressive is what you won’t find in their grocery store. You won’t find artificial colors, flavors sweeteners or preservatives. You won’t find hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Their meats are naturally raised by animals who weren’t given hormones, antibiotics or growth promoters. In fact, animals must be given pasture and raised humanely.

natural grocers west wichita
If you’re in the West Wichita area, take advantage of everything that Natural Grocers has to offer. Schedule a time to talk with a Nutrition Health Coach, attend a nutrition seminar or a cooking class. Or just browse the aisles like we did and make sure try the Pro Bars!

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  1. Lucky! I love Natural Grocers but it’s a drive for me… You are going to be in TROUBLE having one that close 🙂

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