Natural Beauty Begins with Good Skin Care Products

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Natural Beauty Begins with Good Skin Care Products #shop

I am a skin care junkie. Sitting in my bathroom I have thousands of dollars with of skin care products that are meant to prevent, protect or correct my skin. Luckily for me, I work in dermatology so I get my products comp’d (such a beautiful word) or deeply discounted.I know not everyone has the means to spend a fortune on their skin and quite honestly, you shouldn’t have to. So from the girl who has worked in dermatology a good portion of her life, here are my tips on letting your natural beauty shine through with good skin care products you can find at your local drug store.

Good Skin Care Products Orajel Toothpaste #WalgreensBeauty #shop

Convenience is key for me so whenever I need to stock up on skincare or beauty products, I stop by my nearby Walgreens. It’s literally one minute from my office. One minute. You can’t beat that for convenience. Unless they delivered. That would be ultra convenient.

proper skin care products #shop

Now, before all my derm friends shun me, there are products I believe you MUST buy from your dermatologist. You must prevent damage by using a Vitamin C product, protect your skin by using a sunscreen with at least 5% zinc oxide and repair your skin with a product containing growth factors. With the exception of the sunscreen, to get quality products that actually penetrate the stratum corneum, you have to get pharmaceutical grade ingredients. But for the other skin care products, get them at Walgreens! That way you can afford the other stuff. 🙂

Good Skin Care Products Facial Cleanser #shop

Facial Cleanser

Every night you should be washing your face, even if you don’t wear makeup during the day to get rid of oil, dirt and other unmentionables that could potentially be clogging your pores. Sure, my office could sell you a $30 cleanser but unless you truly need something with a higher acid base than you can buy over-the-counter, buy your cleanser from your drug store. I’m a big fan of the cleansing wipes but any cleanser will do.

Good Skin Care Products body lotion #shop

Body Lotion

Dry skin is no joke. It’s itchy, uncomfortable and who wants to look ashy? A product that our office recommends is Cerave Moisturizing Lotion (get the cream if your skin is really dry). It contains ceramides (helps to repair the skin barrier) and hyaluronic acid (attracts need moisture). And to give it further props, it’s been endorsed by the National Eczema Assocation.

Good Skin Care Products Body Wash and Exfoliation #shop

Body Wash & Exfoliation

You have to get rid of dry flaky skin. No matter how much lotion you put on, until you get rid of the dead stuff, your skin isn’t going to look it’s best. Instead of buying a body polish that may leave your skin feeling gritty, use your favorite body wash and exfoliating bath sponge.

What do you consider essential in your skin care routine?

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  1. I love all of your tips! It’s like getting the inside scoop from the dermatologist’s office. Now to ditch my Neutrogena moisturizer for that CeraVe… #client

  2. LOVE CeraVe and Wal-Greens. I have found that they carry the best selection of their products and will have good deals on them on a pretty regular basis.

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