My Little Superhero

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Thank you to General Mills for sponsoring this post about finding the superhero in yourself. #SuperHeroing

justice league superheroes

By day she’s known as Brecken. The kind of shy (until she gets to know you) 4-year old who loves all things blue and green. But as the sun begins to set, a change begins. She’s no longer the kid who is being mopey because I’ve made her go for a walk, she becomes Forest Girl and has superhero powers. With a simple wave of her hand, she chops down trees and brush so the hikers can make it through the forest. Before last night, I had never heard of Forest Girl and wondered where she picked that up. Usually her role playing has to do with a certain Disney movie that shall remain nameless but this time, she channeled someone else.

wonder woman superhero

Finally, it hit me. A few weeks ago in our box of General Mills cereal, she received her first ever comic books, the Justice League series. In those books she was introduced to the classic superheroes: Superman, Flash Gordon and of course her favorite, Wonder Woman.

honey nut cheerios comic books

It takes a lot for Brecken, aka Forest Girl, to keep up her energy level so starting the day with a good breakfast is key. Somedays she eats breakfast at her school and on others she eats it home so we can spend a few extra minutes together. One of her favorite cereals is Honey Nut Cheerios (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is one of my favorites).

wonder woman superhero armbands

She likes the sweet taste and I like that she eats all of her breakfast. Being a superhero is a tough job. You have to fight villains, eat your breakfast AND listen to your mom.

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  1. Matt was very impressed when he learned that Brecken found interest in comic books!! I love Forest Girl – she must get that from your new outdoorsy lifestyle 🙂 Honey Nut Cheerios is always a favorite classic!

  2. She Is Precious!! We Love Cheerios In Our House!!

  3. I love that she goes by mild mannered Brecken by day 🙂 Go superhero!

  4. Alaina Bullock says:

    What a great post! She sounds like a wonderful little superhero! The Justice League used to be my absolute favorite cartoon when I was a child – good to know its still around! Reading this has made me crave some Honey Nut Cheerios! LOL!

  5. Love – and listen to your Mom!

  6. She’s so cute! And I love getting prizes in cereal boxes!

  7. Love it! My Molly is starting to get more into superheros as well and it’s so fun to see the creative mind behind her designs and play.

  8. I love it! Forest Girl is absolutely adorable!

  9. Awe, what a cutie! Makes me want a sweet little girl. 🙂

  10. Love how the comics inspired her play. My kids loved the comics in Big G cereals too!

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