Mountain Biking in Kansas – Millers Meadow

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No, that wasn’t a typo. There is mountain biking in Kansas. It may not be on real mountains like my Colorado friends seem to remind me, but really, that’s just a technicality. The reality is if you live in South Central Kansas, you can get some fun rides in without having to travel out of the state.

mountain biking in kansas

Let me put this out here: by no means am I an expert at mountain biking. I am a runner who has finally accepted the fact that I need to cross-train. In 100% disclosure, as I type this post, I’ve only ridden my mountain bike five times and two of those times was on gravel and the other time on pavement. But, as a novice I can tell you that mountain biking isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s actually quite fun. Especially when you get off the pavement and hit up a local trail such as Miller’s Meadow.

mike mountain biking

My riding buddy, Mike.

sarah mountain biking

Check out those awesome orange bikes!

Cumulatively I’ve lived in Wichita for 15 years and I just learned about Miller’s Meadow a few months ago. Located at Pawnee and 143rd, this trail is on private property.  The trail itself is about 5 miles long and is great for beginners. There are some areas that I haven’t ridden my bike over but remember, I’m new at this. There are several sections of the trail that are obstacle free and other areas where your steering ability will be tested a bit. In the five laps that I’ve ridden at Miller’s, I’ve crashed once and it was in a place that made no sense.

If you’re new to this sport and want to try out the trail at your own pace without the pressure of experienced riders behind you, I highly suggest going out on Friday morning. Each time I’ve ridden with my friend Mike, we basically had the trail to ourselves. I also suggest you unlock your front shock. It might make riding a bit less taxing on your upper body. 🙂

millers meadow mountain bike trail

It’s important to pay attention to the signs when you get there (they should add “unlock your front shock”). Which direction you ride (clockwise vs. counterclockwise) depends on the day of the week. And for the love of Pete, please follow the rules. Wear your helmets and don’t ride the trail if it’s wet. And look, I can even run out there, so please don’t run over me.

I must say I’m pretty excited to have a new hobby. Next weekend I’m headed to Camp Horizon in Ark City and eventually I want to take a road trip to Lake Wilson. Who says there isn’t anything to do in Kansas?

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  1. What a fun thing to do. Glad you’ve found a new hobby. Looks like you had great weather too. I’m so happy for you Sarah. You deserve to have some fun.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been mountain biking. We have some really good mountains here in the Poconos. Nothing like out west, like your friends in Colorado, but still, we ARE the Pocono Mountains, lol. I would need to get used to regular biking first again before I could conquer mountains though. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. LisaLisa says:

    Love the pictures! Sound like so much fun, I would love to get back into riding my bike again and I do agree it is very important to pay attention to the signs. Great riding advice too…thanks for sharing!!


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