Mariano’s Elmhurst Grand Opening

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A couple of months ago I told you how ecstatic I was that Mariano’s had opened a new store in Hardwood Heights.  Well, can you imagine how much I jumped up and down (and squealed a little) when I learned that they would be opening a store even closer to me? On June 25th, Mariano’s opened their Elmhurst location and I couldn’t be happier. This store will definitely be #MyMarianos.

Mariano's Grand Opening

Remember how I said I like to be inspired when I go to a grocery store? Well, I still like to be inspired but sometimes I like to be fed. With summertime officially here, there are so many fun things to do that my daughter and I are constantly on the go. I don’t always have time to cook and eating fast food just gets old. Sometimes I want to pick something up that looks and tastes as if it I made it myself. One of the great things about Mariano’s is their selection of freshly made foods. How many grocery stores can boast they have a sushi bar where sushi chefs will make you anything your heart desires?

Sushi bar at Mariano's in chicago

Sushi from Mariano's in Chicago |

Or a pizza oven where you can get a freshly baked pizza with your choice of ingredients?

pizza oven at Mariano's Elmhurst Store

Another fabulous part of this store (and all the others) is the amazing deli. They have a variety of ready-made sandwiches and salads that are reasonably priced. After debating on the caesar brussel sprout salad for a few seconds, one of the awesome staff members asked me if I wanted to try a sample. The salad was incredibly fresh and tasted delicious. It tasted like something I would get at an upscale restaurant.

Deli Selection at Mariano's in Chicago

Another fabulous feature of the Elmhurst store is the cooking demonstration area called In The Kitchen. Mariano’s will offer cooking demonstration classes to their customers. The classes will consist of about 10 people each and offer cooking tips and suggestions. Not only does Mariano’s provide you with the best quality product and meats, they TEACH you how to use them in your everyday recipes. It amazes me how Mariano’s continues to address their customers’ needs and wants in every turn of the store.

In the kitchen with Mariano's Elmhurst Store |

Marianos Elmhurst Store In The Kitchen |

There are so many great things about this store that I could go on and on but instead of me rambling about all the wonderful things the Mariano’s Elmhurst store has to offer, check out my Google + album!

If you live in the western Chicago suburbs and have never been to a Mariano’s store, I highly encourage you to shop at the Elmhurst store and make an experience out of it. Grab your favorite person and experience a grocery store like you never have before.  Get a bite to eat and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, try a kale smoothie (swear, it doesn’t taste like kale at all) or sign up for a cooking class. Food should be exciting and it is with Mariano’s.


I’ve never seen a company so active in social media like Mariano’s! To get updates on the latest events and in-store promotions, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and don’t forget to check out their website where they have fresh new food ideas weekly! And if you haven’t signed up for their rewards card, what are you waiting for??

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  1. Drool worthy photos! Yum. We’ll have to go there when I come visit you!

  2. Mariano’s needs to come to San Diego. Like now! This looks like such a fun store and I’m sure I’d love to shop there.

  3. wow-this place looks awesome–wish there was one here on Long Island! those pictures made me hungry!

  4. I am loving those photos…Fabulous!!! My Husband would absolutely LOVE the sushi!!!

  5. This grocery stores looks amazing. I really wish there was one here in Florida!

  6. Should I stop by when I am at Blogher13??

    • Sarah BB says:

      You should totally stop by Mariano’s when you’re in Chicago! I think the Lake Shore East store is less than a mile from the Sheraton!

  7. I LOVE Marianos! This totally just made me miss home sweet home Chicago even more!

  8. I am seriously drooling!

  9. Your pictures are amazing! I wish there was Mariano’s near me. The freshness of the food would have me there in a hot second.

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    • Sarah BB says:

      Oh, thank you! It’s hard to not take a good picture at Mariano’s, everything is presented to beautifully!

  10. So sad that we don’t have Mariano’s out here. It does remind me of a store in my area called Wegman’s though.

  11. That sushi looks amazing! I love how it feels more like a market than a grocery store. 🙂

  12. My grocery stores official do not compare to Mariano’s! I wish I had the ability to purchase such amazing looking foods such an inviting environment.

  13. We don’t have a Mariano’s here but it looks like it would be my type of store. I LOVE stores that make you inspired to eat great fresh foods.

  14. That Sushi looks amazing! Great photos — drool-worthy!

  15. Looks like my kind of place, to not only shop but to enjoy lunch, too.

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