How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables – The Unconventional Way

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Last week my kid ate an entire cantaloupe.  I sliced it up thinking it would make through a few meals and a couple of snacks.  Nope.  One big snack and it was gone.  The week before I had taken away her apple slices because she wouldn’t eat her fish sticks.  Yup, you heard that right.  I forced my kid to eat processed fish instead of fruit.  And tonight?  Well, I was determined she would eat some vegetables.  So I came up with some tricks on how to get kids to eat vegetables – the unconventional way.

I am mom who thinks on her feet and because everyone is crazy over Call Me Maybe, including my daughter, I’m using it to my advantage.  Now I know many of you out there would “never let my kids watch television, let alone THAT music video” and I’ll admit, I used to be just like you.  Then I became a SAHM and all bets were off.  In the midst of a meltdown, I’ll willingly bribe my daughter with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and when it comes to making sure she downs some vegetables, a little Carly Rae does the trick.

Before each time I play the video, I make my daughter eat 2-3 bites of her vegetables.  Usually it takes watching the video 3-4 times and we’re done.  No, I’m not interrupting our meal and whipping out my laptop.  This is after everyone one else has finished eating and my husband is starting the dishes (TIP: you may just want to employ this tactic at dinner time to get out of doing the dishes).  The down side, besides taking sooo long is we’re all humming Call Me Maybe for the rest of the day.  I think the dogs even wag their tails to the beat.

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Another method I’ve employed is letting the dogs eat her food.  Not off the plate because that’s just gross but if I tell her I’m giving her carrots to the dogs, she’ll eat them.  Maybe it’s because Wrigley, the canine garbage disposal, always goes after her food and she’s tired of it.  Or maybe, it’s because of a toddler’s rules of possession, numbers 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

So far, these two things are working for me.  I’m hoping that she’ll return to the her love of vegetables and I won’t have to listen to teeny-bopper songs but in case she doesn’t, I already have this song saved as a favorite on You Tube.  Hey, I’d eat vegetables for BSB. :)


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  1. I love the I am giving your carrots tot he dog comment. I will need to try that :)

  2. I love the Toddler’s Rules! How funny!

  3. Love this post! My daughter loves eating fruit, too. We’re not at the food battles stage quite yet, but I completely understand what you’re describing!

  4. haha, what a cute idea! :)

  5. What a cute idea! I wrote a post on how I can’t get my kids to eat vegetables. This comes in very handy! Thank you!

  6. Good idea, I would’ve never thought of trying something like this. I will definitely give it a shot and see if it works on my kids.

  7. Interesting…I started when my kids were little and was persistent so I don’t have a lot of trouble getting them to eat veggies but I know if you don’t start early it can be very difficult….their taste buds get shaped very early on

    • My daughter used to love vegetables when she was younger too! I’m hoping she’s just going through a phase and will get back on track because I can’t take that song any more…lol.

  8. The kids often run from vegetables and other nutritional foods. Some preparation which can gradually help children in developing interest in vegetables can prove useful.

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