Holiday Home Decorating Tips

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Thank you to Bona for sponsoring today’s post, Holiday Home Decorating Tips, and helping me make my hardwood floors shine!

Three weeks ago, I did something really, really amazing.

I bought a house. All by myself.

After several years of renting, I’m finally a homeowner again and it feels wonderful, but also overwhelming. I’m no longer limited on the ways I can decorate my home, which means one thing…indecisiveness!

Take for instance my living room fireplace. It’s a pretty cool focal point in my house. With my open floor plan, I can see it while I’m cooking in the kitchen or hanging out in my dining room. I love the mixture of the wood and stone and general simplicity of it. One of my struggles has been how to decorate my mantel for the holidays.


fireplace mantel



I decided a few weeks ago that I needed something big to be the focal point of the mantel…either a picture, mirror or a clock. After visiting several local stores and spending waaaay too much time on Pinterest, I settled on a mirror that I found at all places, Lowes! The candlesticks that I purchased many years ago made the way to the mantel because they had no where to go, just like that orange vase.

I didn’t put a ton of time and effort into decorating the house because I knew the holidays were coming. While I’m not ready to do the big reveal yet (stay tuned for that), I do want to share a few holiday home decorating tips that I learned along the way.

Less is more.

Let’s just say I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest doing “research.” My research has led me to the conclusion that having one big focal piece on your mantel, whether its during the holidays or not is the key. Have a few pieces that work well together can make more of statement then having several small pieces that compete with each other.

Think about scale.

As in the scale of your room, not the scale in your bathroom. I have 10 ft. ceilings in my house. From the top of my mantel to the ceiling is probably 6 feet so I went with a mirror the was 4 feet tall. Had I put something smaller up there, it would have made the room feel smaller.

Removable hooks are your friends.

Don’t ruin the beautiful woodwork by pounding nails or screws into your mantel. Get some removable hooks if you plan to hang garland or other items.

Pick a theme…or don’t.

I am a theme girl. Because I am indecisive, having a theme makes the decision making process a little easier. That being said, I have friends who are the experts at randomness and making it all work. Do what feels right to you.

Make sure your floors shine!

Seriously, you spend all your time decorating your mantel, you want your friends to notice it and not the paw prints on your floor. I have dark wood floors and they are difficult to keep clean. Every bit of dust shows on the floor. Between the four-legged creatures and my two-legged one, my floors are in constant need of a cleaning.

dark hardwood floors

One thing I have been very decisive about is how to keep my hardwood floors clean. The company who installed my hardwood floors recommended only one product: Bona floor cleaner. I took it one step further and picked up the Bona Hardwood Floor Kit to make cleaning the floors even easier.

bona hardwood floor cleaner

If you haven’t tried Bona floor cleaners, now is the perfect time. You can sign up for the Bonafide Fanatics mailing list and download a $3 coupon.

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