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Happy fucking New Year.

Bet you weren’t expecting that from me. For one, we’re waaay past the New Year. In fact, I haven’t seen one New Year’s resolution post show up in my Facebook or Bloglovin’ feed and my friends who made those silly resolution posts? Most of them are secretly saying how they’ve fallen off the wagon already.  Second, I don’t think I’ve ever typed the “f” word on my blog, even though I’ve said it several times during the course of writing blog posts. It’s not that I’m above it, it just never seemed appropriate. This time, it did.

To say I’m glad that 2014 is over is an understatement. It’s like saying that the Grand Canyon is neat or that Iowa winters are chilly. In fact, I’m not sure how to express how ecstatic I am that 2015 is here, except, well, to say it again, happy fucking New Year!

You see a lot of really bad things happened last year. Things I could and couldn’t control. I won’t get into the specifics of those things because what I do and how I handle things going forward is what matters. So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to find happiness every day. And write it down (the hard part).

On those days where I want to go through the McDonald’s drive-thru and eat my feelings in french fries, instead I’m going to pull a few slips of paper from my Happiness Jar and read what’s written out loud. Yes, I know I’m supposed to wait until New Year’s Eve to read from my Happiness Jar but my thought is why wait and why only read them once? If all it takes to turn my day around is reading a few notes, then so be it. Besides, I’m over 40 with a 5-year old. Some days I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth. It may take reading a few of these notes a couple of times to commit them to memory. 🙂

happiness jar

Today there were many happy moments but this one stands out. Sure getting a strawberry donut from Dunkin Donuts made me happy, as did the leftover Chinese food I had for breakfast (hmmm, food makes me happy), but when you end your day with your kid wrapping their arms around you, well, that’s something to put in the jar.

What’s your happiest moment today?

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