Gür Sweets Bakery Opens In Elmhurst

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Gur Sweets Disclosure

Wow, has it really been over a month since I discovered Gür Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst? It seems like only yesterday I was there sampling delicious baked items with some fellow foodie bloggers. From samosa to cupcakes to gulab jamun, this visit to the suburbs did not disappoint.

Gur Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst IL

Gur Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst

If you’re looking for a bakery with an ethnic twist, then you must check out Gür Sweets Bakery. Started by an ex-software engineer turned pastry chef Rubina Hafeez, she uses her corporate experience to excel in the kitchen. In addition to the classic cupcakes, cookies and bars you find in most bakeries, you will also discover pastries from India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Gur Sweets ethnic treats

Top left: Mango Ice Cream, Top Right: Samosas, Bottom Left: Besan & Milk Barfi and Galub Jamun, Bottom Right: Kashmiri Chai Tea

My trip to the bakery started out with sampling some of the ethnic treats that Rubina makes at the bakery daily. She bakes the way your grandmother probably did, from scratch in small batches every day. All of her treats are preservative free and made with fresh, all natural ingredients. Another unique feature about the bakery is all the products are Halal. For those following a strict Halal diet, you can enjoy anything at Gür Sweets without worry. Here are just a few of the delicious deserts they have to offer:

  • Besan Barfi is an Indian dessert made with chickpea flour, sugar and condensed milk. Milk Barfi is a similar Indian confection, made with milk powder and cream. Gür Sweets offers a classic version with cardamom and almonds, plus caramel pecan and mango flavors.
  • Gulab Jamun is a popular South Asian dumpling, soaked in lightly flavored syrup. They also have Maple Jamun, coated in real maple syrup and Cream Jamun, topped with mascarpone butter cream.
  • Macarons are sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond. Gür Sweets offers a variety of flavors, including vanilla, lemon, orange, framboise, mint, ganache and more.
  • Samosas, perfect for a heartier snack before your sweet treat, are fried pastry with a savory filling of potatoes, onions, peas and lentils.
  • Baklava knowns for its Greek origin, is a rich, sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.
Rubina Hafeez

Rubina Hafeez, owner of Gur Sweets Bakery & Kathy Heerdt.

Kathy Heerdt

Probably what impressed me most about the bakery was meeting Rubina and listening to her talk about her vision for the bakery. It’s always refreshing to see someone who was willing to take the risk and follow their passion. Rubina wants to be your neighborhood bakery. She wants to win you over with the quality of her desserts and keep you coming back for more. Her focus on quality and innovation probably comes from her engineering background but her drive comes from her passion for baking. She’s definitely won me over. I’ll be back for milk barfi whenever I can.

Gur Sweets cupcakes

My dinner for the next two nights!

Gür Sweets is an amazing bakery and available to cater your next event. Have a question for Rubina and staff? Check out their FAQ page or contact them! You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter or give them a call at 630-833-0008.

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