Game Time with DiGiorno Pizza

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game time digiorno pizza party #collectivebias #shop

In Wichita there is division when it comes to mens’ basketball. There are three major schools in the state and many times, lines are drawn in the sand. But right now, school alliances aside, all eyes are focused on one team in particular (as I type this they are 20-0) and that means everyone gets excited for game time!

game time with digiorno pizza #shop #collectivebias

Last Wednesday I had a few friends from work over to watch our hometown mens’ basketball team. Since it was a “school” night, I wanted to make something simple yet tasty and of course, affordable. Pizza is always a huge hit so the day before I headed to Walmart to pick up some DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzas which were only $4.50 on rollback (score). I had to get the 4 Cheese flavor for my daughter, who refuses to eat any type of pizza except cheese and then picked up a 3 Meat for the adults because for us, pizza is just not the same without some meat!

digiorno pizza #collectivebias #gametimegoodies

My daughter going after her cheese pizza.

Keeping this weekend party simple, everyone brought their own beverages and I made some simple finger foods.  Everybody loaded up their plates with foods that were easy to prepare (seriously, is there anything easier than cooking a pizza?). My friend, Brenda, even brought over her baking stones that have been hardly broken in! In true fashion, we did more gabbing than watching the actual game (hey, we are women) but in the end, our team won and that’s all that matters.

game time pizza #collectivebias #shop

So tonight Wichita plays a game on the road and guess what? I have an extra frozen pizza in the freezer. 🙂

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  1. I miss Kansas, believe it or not. I grew up in SW Kansas (Dodge City, to be exact) and I do miss it but maybe because that was my home and my friends and family are still there.

    I grew up in a house divided- my parents were Husker alumnus and us kids are Rock Chalk Jayhawk til the end but…. there was that one odd one out, the middle child, who was all about K-State – EMAW. Always one in the family.. haha.

    Love DiGiorno and at such a great price, you can’t beat that.

    • Haha, there is always one in the family! Thought I will admit, I traveled with friends to watch K-State play in the Fiesta Bowl years ago. I’m a Big 10 Girl but I did go to “Hillside High” so I have to cheer them on!

      • Always one… haha. That whole families, fudge and nuts saying… haha. The Fiesta Bowl is so much fun! I went in 2000 when the Huskers were playing. Since I live in Phoenix, it’s easy to get to and that was when they played at the Sun Devil stadium.

        I think the K-State played in the Fiesta Bowl in 2004? I was tempted to go because it is still my home state and I will definitely support my state here in Arizona 🙂

  2. we love pizza here. It is our go to meal. We are not really into watching the game though

  3. You have to eat either pizza or subs when watching the Super Bowl. My family eats pizza all the time. My favorite DiGiorno is the 4 Cheese!

  4. It looks like you had fun! I love DiGiorno pizza. I always like to make it my own by adding some garlic salt, oregano and black pepper. Yummy!

  5. what a great way to spend Game Day!

  6. Our family loves this pizza, tastes so yummy!

  7. What a fun evening! Having friends over is so much easier when the food is easy to prepare! #client

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