Fun and Educational Activities For Kids With BabbaBox

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I’m always looking for fun and educational activities for my daughter.  She’s at the age where everything fascinates her so I try to take advantage of that as much as possible.  For a while she attended Montessori preschool and she absolutely loved it.  She enjoyed the hands on aspect of learning and the ability to do things at her own pace.  When the opportunity came about to review a BabbaBox, I was instantly sold.  Why?  Because finding fun and educational activities for kids isn’t always the easiest.  Sure I can find a craft on Pinterest but usually that means going to several different stores to find the materials I need.  I don’t have to do that with BabbaBox, everything I need is included.

“Neccessity, who is the mother of invention” – Plato

Envisioning a product that would provide a solution to the problem “what to do with the kids,” Jessica Kim, a mother herself, invented the BabbaBox.  The BabbaBox is a monthly or annual subscription service that provides you with fun, educational activities for your child ages 3-6.  Each box has a theme and includes activities related to that theme.  The theme of our box was rainbows, which was actually very fitting,  My daughter had recently learned about rainbows through one of her PBS programs.

There are four major components of a BabbaBox: create, explore, story tell and connect.  Your child will be able to create 2-3 hands on projects.  The best thing about this?  All the materials you need are included!  As a previous work-outside-the-home mom, I see this as a wonderful option for working moms.  When your time is limited, every minute you have to spend with your child is even more precious so why waste that time determining which activities to do and then spending the time to go out and buy the materials?  With BabbaBox, all of that is taken care of for you.  Even for stay-at-home-moms (like me), the ease of having this box delivered each month is priceless.  Not having to wrangle the kids in the store vs. home delivery?  I’ll take home delivery every time.  My BabbaBox included:

Create – enormous bubbles and see rainbows in our bubbles & decorate your own hat with different colors of the rainbow

Explore – turn sunlight into rainbows with a prism & trace rainbows to make colorful artwork

Story Tell – read a story of a boy who chases a rainbow

Connect (with digital downloads) – play rainbow blocks & go on a rainbow-chasing adventure with The Cat In The Hat

My daughter’s favorite activity of course was the bubble wand, closely followed by the pipe cleaners we made into bubble wands.  Using the template provided, she laid the pipe cleaners out on the paper and tried to bend them to match the shapes.  With a little help from me, we were able to make our own bubble wands, though they never made it into any bubble solution.  It was tempting to do all of the activities at once but I decided to space them out a bit.  We’re saving the hat for next week.  I also have to confess (here I go again with the confessions) that I’ve never downloaded a QR reader for my iPhone before.  My advice?  Pay the 99¢ to get rid of the ads.  They’re annoying.  You need to QR reader to access the downloads.  In order to get the code for the Rainbow Blocks app, just send an email to BabbaCo with some specific information and within 24 hours, they will email you an access code.  I’m also saving that for a rainy day (literally) and who knows, maybe we’ll even see a real rainbow. :)

What more information on BabbaBox?  Make sure to connect with them socially by becoming a fan on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

BabbaCo is also offering all East9thStreet readers a 20% discount off your first BabbaBox with a subscription!  Just use code E920OFF when you check out.

Disclosure: East9thStreet received product in order to conduct their review.  Regardless opinions are 100% mine and yours may differ.

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  1. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    what fun! I love how everything is already in a box, no having to look for the items! Great idea!

  2. Oh wow! This looks so cool. Looks like they had a blast with the rainbows :) I actually had never heard of this company before so thanks for sharing :) What a fun concept!

  3. This box is perfect to keep kids busy during the summer. Checking this out, thanks

  4. As a teacher and mom, I love the idea behind these boxes! I think they are fantastic ways to reinforce learning!

  5. These are so much fun and so cool! We tried it a while back and my son loved it! You got the rainbow one too – that would be so much fun! Love that the kids can learn and have a great time at the same time!

  6. I love the BabbaBox! The Rainbow theme looks like so much fun… lots of bright colors. May have to try those bubble wands with my girls soon! :)

  7. I love the idea of getting a box like this delivered monthly for my son. Such a fun idea!!

  8. That is so cool – My daughter loves getting stuff in the mail!

  9. chelesa sims says:

    My daughter loves getting mail and making stuff ,she would love this

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