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What? You didn’t know I started one? Well, shame on me for not telling you sooner.

My food blog:

If you’re a blogger, you’ll get what I’m about to tell you. Many of us started out the same way and took similar paths. If you’re not a blogger, either bare with me or skip over the next couple of paragraphs.

When I started blogging it was all about sharing my point of view on certain subjects. I’d write about why taking your dog to the post office is wrong or why I think I’m a super mom. I never felt pressure to write a post and did so on my own schedule. I even used to think it was AWESOME (yes, all caps) when a company reached out to little ‘ole me to review a product or host a giveaway. I’ll get FREE labels? I’m in!

Then I was introduced to another side of blogging. Monetization. I really had no clue about this and some days, I really wish I was still clueless. Blogging then changed for me. It became a business, an income source. It was no longer purely a place for me to rant about that damn yappy dogs at the post office.

After doing this blogging gig for a few years, I realized what made happiest was sharing recipes on my own time, with no sponsored products. So I decided to start a food blog where I get to post on my own terms and not worry about whether my links are no-follow or whether or not my photographs are “good” enough for the brands looking at my posts. Occasionally you’ll find sponsored posts on my site but it’s because I want them there and not because I feel like I have to post them.

So, you’ll see less food posts on this site. I may do a quick sneak peak or something like that but for the most part, my food posts will be on East 9th Street Eats, my food site. I’ve also started new Facebook and Twitter accounts. I hope you’ll follow me there too!


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