Easter Traditions – Old and New {DIY Easter Carrot Tutorial)}

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Growing up I was surrounded by family.  I lived in a small town and all my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents lived within a 30 mile radius.  I was always surrounded by family for birthdays, holidays and weekly Sunday dinners.  Times have definitely changed and now our closest family members are 9 hours away by car.  I’ve lived in 3 states in the last 4 years and have another move approaching soon.  For me, it’s important that I establish Easter traditions that our family can celebrate no matter where we live.

For kids, big and little, Easter has to be celebrated by having an Easter Egg Hunt.  This year we’re going a special hunt with my daughter’s closest friends.  You see, these little girls (and their moms) have become very close over the last year and now that two of us are moving out-of-state soon, we’re cherishing the moments that we can let them play together.  Wanting to do something a little different for the girls, I remembered a cute craft project I saw at Bird’s Party.

In the original tutorial long suckers were used to make the carrots.  Instead of using suckers, I used Dora the Explorer toothbrushes I found at Walmart.  There was a special display in the health and beauty section that made it easy to find what I needed – 5 pink Dora toothbrushes. They also had SpongeBob but since we’re dealing with little girls, I made sure all the toothbrushes were EXACTLY the same (you can see my full shop in my Google+ album).  I know the girls have had plenty of candy over the past week and wanting to do make something for them not sweets related, this seemed like a good option.  It seems like all events are celebrated with sweets and that makes it all the more important to teach our children healthy brushing habits at a young age.  Kids are more eager to brush if they see their favorite cartoon character on their toothbrushes.  As a parent, I’m using that to my advantage!

To make the carrots you need the following supplies: green tulle, orange napkins, ribbon, 2-2.5″ Easter printable (I downloaded mine for free from TipJunkie), hot glue gun and of course, your Colgate toothbrushes.

Disclaimer – it is REALLY hard for me to take pictures of one hand.  One of these days I’ll get a tripod (hint, hint to anyone reading this – you know my birthday is coming up).  First step is to unfold the napkin and wrap it around your tooth brush.

Make sure it is tightly wrapped so you can easily tie the tulle around it.

Next wrap your tulle and ribbon around the toothbrush, just under the head of the brush.  I used two 15″ strips of tulle layered on top of each other and basically tied it in a knot around the toothbrush.  I then tied a piece of ribbon (not sure of the length, I made it longer so I could trim as necessary) underneath the knot on the tulle.

Next, I hot glued the tulle to the plastic on the head of the toothbrush so it would stand up straight.  I’m sure there is a way you can tie the tulle so it stands up but I couldn’t figure it out.

Finally glue on your Easter printable and you have a cute Easter surprise!  The girls are going to love these and for me, this is the start a new Easter tradition.  From now on I’m making homemade gifts to add to my kid’s baskets.

People celebrate Easter for a variety of reasons and in different ways.  For us, Easter means spending time Easter eggs hunts, decorating eggs, having an Easter meal and being open to new traditions.  Confetti eggs?  I see them in our future. 🙂

What are your favorite Easter traditions?

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  1. Adorable! Love it!

  2. These look really cool. Such a great idea 

  3. Oh those are so cute!  I may try to make something like this next year.

  4. Love it, love it, love it! So creative and cute! I’m totally going to steal your idea — just so you know. I love that you included toothbrushes in the basket and the packaging is over the top fun!

  5. I am totally stealing this idea for next Easter! I love that you used a toothbrush instead of candy!

  6. Tiffany

    Oh my gosh! Those are SO awesome!! I LOVE that idea!!

  7. I’ll keep this in mind for next Easter. This would have been perfect for this year. Jas just had her first dentist visit and is super excited and brushing all over again.

  8. You win for most creative idea! What a great way to incorporate toothbrushes into Easter- I love it. Do you mind if I steal the idea to give to some of my patients. Truly adorable!

  9. Those turned out very cute and I love that you used toothbrushes instead of suckers!

  10. Danette Lykins

    What a fun idea! (and healthy too!) Thanks for sharing~
    Our family tradition is having all my nieces over for a huge egg coloring event (yes, very, very messy) Then we have a sleep-over with movies . In the morning, everyone gets little Easter bunny baskets, bunny shaped pancakes, followed by the hunt outside.. It is so much fun! I started this because now that my own children are teens- I really miss doing the Easter bunny stuff! 

    • That is great you do that for your nieces! I tried making bunny shaped pancakes but they were a big fail..lol!

  11. what a cute tutorial! thanks for sharing!


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