Delivery Man Movie Themed Date Night Idea

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I received a copy of the Delivery Man movie for review purposes. No other compensation was received.  All statements are mine and yours may differ. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links.

Delivery Man Movie

When you live in Wichita, Kansas, sometimes you have to get creative with your date night ideas. And when you’re trying to stick within a budget because you have a huge tax bill to pay, you have to be cheap and creative. I’m usually not either (well, sometimes I’m cheap but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post…) but using the Delivery Man movie as my theme, this date night idea was pretty simple.

First of all, you need to pick up the Delivery Man movie which came out on DVD March 25th (above is one of my favorite clips). It’s stars the hilarious Vince Vaughn in maybe a not-so-typical role for him, Cobie Smulders (love her as Robin in How I Met Your Mother) and Chris Pratt (the Parks & Rec version, not the cut Guardians of the Galaxy version). David Wozniak (Vaughn) learns that he fathered 533 children via “donations” he made 20 years earlier and a few hundred of them want to find him. As he copes with his discovery, he discovers quite a bit about himself along the way.

After you’ve purchased the Delivery Man, head to your local butcher (you’ll understand why after you see the movie) and get a nice big steak or some juicy pork chops or chicken breasts (if you use chicken, you have to use this marinade) for the grill and make sure you have a couple of cold beverages in the fridge. Go through your significant other’s closet and find that basketball jersey that you absolutely hate and let him wear it because you’re going to take challenge him to a game of horse in the driveway or nearest park (let him win, his mood will be better).

Since you’ve let him wear that dreadful jersey, beat you at a game of horse and treated him to some meat and beverages, he’ll have no choice but to welcome snuggling with you on the couch watching one of the masters of comedy in a heartfelt role. My guess is he’ll even stay awake during the entire movie. Date night success!

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