Crossing Another Item off my Bucket List – Alaska

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For someone who likes lists, I have never actually written a bucket list. I mean, like most people I have a general idea of things I would like to do in my head, but actually writing it down on paper? That hasn’t happened yet. But when I do write the list, visiting Alaska will be on there and then quickly crossed off this summer!

alaska vacation

In my head (a scary, scary place sometimes…haha), I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. I had visions of taking an Alaskan cruise, seeing the Northern Lights and eating enough salmon to unofficially call myself a pescetarian. But after a bit of life experience, I have realized a couple of things. One, I’m not an overly huge fan of cruises. Being held hostage (Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme) to the itinerary of the cruise ship concerns me. I need flexibility. Flexibility to roam wherever interests me. Second, Alaska is meant to be wandered. I’m not sure if that previous sentence is grammatically correct but it’s emotionally accurate for me.

For me, going to Alaska is about getting on the beaten trail. There are so many things I want to do while I’m there and hopefully, will find enough time to do everything. The timing won’t be right to see the Northern Lights but my plans include backcountry camping, exploring Denali, a flightseeing tour and of course, kayaking! It’s also about food. I will eat enough salmon to get all my omega-3s for the year in one week and I will eat some local concoction just to say I did it. Though, after looking up some “Alaskan recipes” and seeing ingredients such as reindeer fat, my stomach is a bit queasy.

The best part about going on this trip isn’t the fact that I get to cross something off a list,  it’s that I get to experience everything with my boyfriend. Neither of us have been to Alaska and after nixing the trip last year (though Montana was awesome), I’m really looking forward to many firsts with him and filling up my Happiness Jar.

What’s on your bucket list?

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