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Complete honesty – I love getting email (and hate the telephone).  It helps me justify my iPhone and my unlimited data plan.  It reminds me of my corporate days when I would save every email as CYA in all my beautiful folders.

The kind of email I like:

  • Comments – the good, bad and ugly.  I can deal with them.
  • Suggestions – real suggestions, not suggestions such as *quit eating so much.*  That’s impossible.
  • Questions – need to know what 2+2 equals?  I’m your gal!
  • Compliments – awe, shucks.  You don’t say…
  • Offers of Money – well, most offers of money but especially the ones where I don’t have to do much.


The kind of emails I don’t like:


  • SPAM – it doesn’t belong in my inbox or on my plate.
  • Lies – don’t tell me I’ve won a prize and then take it back.  So, so wrong!


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