Color, Click Capture – Week 6 {Purple}

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Color, Click, Capture

Welcome to Week 6 of the Color, Click, Capture photography challenge hosted by East9thStreetA Helicopter MomNap Time Is My Time and Sunshine and Sippy Cups.  This week our color is PURPLE.  Purple was my grandmother’s favorite color, so I’m instantly reminded of her.  She had lilac bushes on the north side of her house that were the perfect shade of pale purple.  I’m posting the picture below not because I think it’s a great shot but more because I think it’s interesting. I’m still wondering how the weeds (yes, those are weeds) closest to me were out of focus when everything else was in focus.  Ah, the reason why I’m not a food blogger…


But I’ll always be a wanna be food blogger so here is my attempt at grapes.  I know we could debate whether they are red or purple, but for the sake of this challenge, I’m going with purple. 🙂

This week’s tips also come from Jen Villa, photographer, collage artist and owner of The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, Massachusetts. She is a trained photographer and alumni of world-renowed photography school, Brooks Institute of Photography. She has been studying art for over fifteen years and worked as a food and editorial photographer for award winning publication, The Santa Barbara Independent. Her photography and artwork have a very unique style and combine her love for the ocean and passion for travel.

Speed and Focus.
If shooting running children or generally active subjects (which most are) you want to shoot quickly. So, make sure you shutter speed is high and then you can play with F-stop, which controls the range of focus. It’s fun to blur out the background with portraits and detail shots; for these I prefer a 2.8 F stop if that’s an option or the lowest # available.

The beauty of digital is that you can shoot for hours for virtually free. It takes time to get the perfect shot, so don’t be shy about snapping away. I will suggest that you go through and edit your shoots sooner than later, so that you can have a manageable library of files. In terms of editing (which is in some ways a whole craft in it’s self), try to not think too much about deleting an image. Look for nice lighting, composition and focus and there’s your shot!

Want to participate in our challenge?  It’s super easy!  Here’s how It Works:

  1. Take a picture the represents the color of the week.
  2. Write a blog post that features your picture and link it up.
  3. Visit other people’s posts and hopefully find some inspiration!
  4. You can put the button and link code on your blog if you wish but it’s not a requirement.

Our color for next week is PINK!


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  1. I always refer to those as purple grapes anyway. 🙂 I like your pics!

  2. Man, oh man… Those purple grapes look so perfect and sweet.  I don’t think you’re a “wannabe” food blogger, at all!  You really have a knack for making food subjects look inviting and tasty!

    • Awe, you have no idea how much that comment means to me! I seriously have food photography envy and never think my pictures are good enough.

  3. Thanks so much for the invite. I have really enjoyed learning more about photography. Cant wait to see everyone else’s!

  4. Kay M

    You take amazing food photographs! Don’t doubt yourself! I look forward to your food pictures everyweek, like you look for my bird pics! LOL! I am really loving this challenge. Thank you!

  5. I love your grape picture, it’s so clear!

  6. Zinedine says:

    Your pictures are digestible. My eyes are eating them right now:)

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