The Cheapest Wireless Plans at Walmart

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cheapest wireless plans

 I actually know people who look forward to tax time. They can’t wait to get their W-2’s from their employers so they can figure out how much their tax return will be and what they can buy with it. I, unfortunately, do not fall in that category this year. Instead, I’m dishing out (unsolicited) advice on what I would do if I were to get a return.  A few of my friends are taking trips (hello Spring Break) and others are being smart with their returns and taking my advice and comparing the cheapest wireless plans on the market.

cheapest wireless plans at walmart

For the past three months I’ve been debating on what to do with my own phone. You see, I am what is called “grandfathered” into an unlimited data program and if I make any changes to my account, I lose my unlimited data. As in FOREVER and I use a ton of data. Unfortunately, I have super limited minutes and text messages and every week, I’m checking my balance to make sure I don’t go over. I’m paranoid like that because overage charges are just not cool.

cheapest wireless plans with smartphones

samsung cheapest wireless plans

I had previously used Walmart’s Family Mobile plan and while I liked the plan features (unlimited talk, text and data for less that $40 bucks…you can’t beat that), I wasn’t a huge fan of the phone I had. After a few months of use, the battery would drain so fast I was constantly plugged in. So my daughter and I decided to head to Walmart and check out the latest phones and found a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit SMARTPHONE for less that $100 ($98.88 to be exact). Now, she thinks this phone is for her, and she’s partially right since she uses the majority of my minutes talking to friends and family scattered across the country.

samsung galaxy exhibit apps #shop

I was even a cool mom and downloaded some apps and movies for her. She’s having fun playing her Disney Frozen app but has no clue that I’ve downloaded a few movies for her as well: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Two and Frozen. When we’re taking one of our road trips to visit family, these apps and movies are lifesavers…for both of us.

So do yourself a favor with your tax return. For what you’re probably paying for an old flip phone, treat yourself and get a Smartphone that has all the bells and whistles you’ll need for less than $100 AND pay less than $40 a month for unlimited text, talk and data.

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  1. Hmmmm…you downloaded Frozen? I should do that with mine!

  2. How cute is she with that phone. She definitely knows how to use it already. #client

  3. I have been looking at my options. We’re going off my in law’s family plan soon.

  4. I need a phone plan for my daughter who isn’t ready for full access. I think this would be perfect!

  5. First off she is getting so big! So cute!!! The plan sounds awesome! Looks like a plan my whole family can use! Thanks for telling us about it!

  6. I’ve been considering switching and have heard great things about the walmart plans lately. I got the cheapest service I Could find 2 years ago which is $50/month but the service isn’t so great. I need to update my phone so I might just switch service at hte same time.

    • Oh, that’s a bummer. It doesn’t matter how cheap a plan is, if you can’t get decent service, it’s not worth it. I hope the Walmart Family Mobile plan works out for you!

  7. Yes, Walmart has some great plans and their prices are great!

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