June Photo Of The Day Instragram Challenge

I know I'm a few days late posting this June Photo of the Day Challenge but you see, I have a fabulous excuse (I'm full of excuses lately). I didn't know June was here. I thought it was still March. I know, I know, you think I'm crazy but when I walked outside the morning of June 1 and the temperature was in the 40's, how would I have known any different? June Photo A Day Instagram Challenge So now that I've realized it truly is June (eek, my mom's birthday AND Father's Day is quickly … [Read more...]

Smart Cameras from Samsung

For Mother’s Day as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I treated myself and bought this awesome Samsung Smart Camera and Tab Bundle from Sam's Club. As always, statements are 100% mine and yours may differ. As much as I love technology, I'm a late adopter. I know, you're probably thinking what do I mean by that? Well, I will do everything I can online and find myself playing around with all the latest greatest social media sites. If there is a way to automate a process, I'm on it. … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 14: Love

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 14 - LOVE I took a little break.  In case you noticed (wait, what if you didn't notice and now I'm just telling on myself), it's been over a week since I posted my photo a day challenge on the blog.  Taking a picture and uploading it to Instagram is one thing, writing a blog post is another.  I mean, there were a lot of episodes of Chopped that I HAD to watch.  You know, research for the new cooking blog that I'm starting.  So if you want to keep up with the photos … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 6: Choices

Can We Have Too Many Choices? I've said before I'm a walking contradiction.  I only buy organic dairy products yet I eat McDonalds like it was going out of business.  I can be extremely motivated or extremely lazy, depending on the day.  Sometimes, I'm extremely decisive. Other times, I couldn't make a choice to save my life.  And guess what? Today's photo a day challenge made me think about the choices I have to make on a daily basis. Take for example those cutting boards.  I walked into … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 5: Fave Photo

Photo A Day Challenge Day 5: Fave Photo Holy cannoli, I cannot believe that I've made it to day five of this challenge!  I know what you're thinking, how hard is it to take a photo a day?  Well for someone who used to HATE taking pictures (I've grown out of that) this is a huge accomplishment for me. Today's challenge took longer than I expected.  Trying to pick out my fave photo proved to be a challenge because there are so many that I love. The photo that I ended up choosing was taken by … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 4: Letter

Photo A Day Challenge Day 4: Letter Unlike my daughter, I've never thought about having a favorite letter.  For her, she has proudly announced to family members and strangers alike that W is her favorite letter.  What makes it her favorite letter?  That I'm not sure.  But as time started winding down and I still needed to take my photo for the day, I immediately knew what my favorite letter was: B. Many things I love and enjoy start with the letter B.  First and foremost, my daughter … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 3: Team

Photo A Day Challenge Day 3: Team I'm taking one for the team. Or maybe two, depending on how I feel. :)  Who is my team? I think I have quite a few.  There is my team at work who works together to achieve the ultimate goal: providing quality care to our patients.  There is my team of friends. The ones who I can depend on to lend an ear, give me advice or just be there when momma needs a night out!  I have a team of professionals who help me make it through the week.  My daughter's teachers, … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 2: Shadow

Photo A Day Challenge Day 2: Shadow My shadow is turning eight this year. It's hard to believe we've had her that long.  I remember the day we drove to Kansas City see if she was "the one."  I had been pleading with my husband to get a third dog  for quite some time.  After pouting, begging and finally threatening to go to the Kansas Humane Society and adopt a dog, he finally agreed to get another dog if he could get one bred for hunting.  I agreed and our search began for the perfect hunting … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 1: In My Cup

Photo A Day Challenge Day 1: In My Cup You would think that in my cup would be an easy picture to take.  After all, everyone has a morning cup of coffee or tea, right?  Well, not me.  I usually don't drink or eat anything until I get to the office and by then, I'm ready for my first round of caffeine, usually in the form of a diet pop which I drink straight form the can.  When I went on my 30-day diet pop challenge, in my cup you would have found green tea or water.  Now, I find myself … [Read more...]

February 2013 Photo A Day Challenge #7SDDPhotoADay

Photo A Day Challenge Last month I failed miserably at 7 On A Shoestring and Days of a Domestic Dad's Photo A Day Challenge so this month I have resolved to do much better! I made it to day three, which means I can't do much worse.  Staci has come up with some fun ideas for February and I can't wait to start capturing those images and sharing them with you. Join Us! To join along in the fun, make sure you're following the hosts on Instagram at @7onashoestring and @doddblog and while … [Read more...]