Saying Goodbye To A Pet Was Not On My Bucket List

It's taken me a few days to find the courage to write about this but now, I think I can do it. Last Friday, I went through with my decision to put Rex, my faithful dog of almost 15 years, down. Saying goodbye to a pet wasn't on my bucket list for 2014 but it was something that had to be done. I've always believed in quality of life over quantity and for Rex, I'm pretty sure he thought the same. For those of you who don't know Rex's story, he was a rescue. Literally. As his brothers and … [Read more...]

Join the Leash On 30 Day Challenge

I have been and always be a dog owner. My dogs are like family members and are treated as such. I have two dogs: Rex and Wrigley. Rex is my baby. He's a 14.5 year old lab mix and every day, I see more and more gray on his little face. He's definitely slowed down in his old age but I know how important it is to keep him active. He hates having his picture taken, which means I have very few of him. I still remember finding him hiding under the stairs. Wrigley, my other black lab, is another … [Read more...]

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 2: Shadow

Photo A Day Challenge Day 2: Shadow My shadow is turning eight this year. It's hard to believe we've had her that long.  I remember the day we drove to Kansas City see if she was "the one."  I had been pleading with my husband to get a third dog  for quite some time.  After pouting, begging and finally threatening to go to the Kansas Humane Society and adopt a dog, he finally agreed to get another dog if he could get one bred for hunting.  I agreed and our search began for the perfect hunting … [Read more...]

How Dog Sledding Took Me Out Of My Comfort Zone

This is my 10th attempt at starting this blog post.  Each time I get about 3-4 sentences in, I change direction and hit the delete button.  There are multitude of reasons why I keep doing that but I think I've finally figured it out the main reason.  This trip wasn't just about dog sledding, though that was my motivation for taking the trip.  This trip turned out to be about stepping outside my comfort zone and pushing my limits.  Who knew that a road trip to Minnesota would do that. If … [Read more...]

Happy National Dog Day

Did you know that August 26th is National Dog Day and I'm talking about canines, not the kind we eat!  Neither did I until a little Sparty told me.  As a salute to our 4-legged friends, along with sharing the latest poster from Disney's Frankenweenie (which comes out in theaters October 5), I though I would tell you about my favorite 4-legged friends, Rex and Wrigley. Rex is my lovable 13-year old lab mix who's only cares in life are finding a comfortable place to lay his arthritic bones, … [Read more...]

Great Day To Be A Dog In The East9thStreet House

I've never gone so far as to throw my dogs a birthday party (well, at least not one with party hats, invitations and gourmet dog food) but I do like to spoil and pamper them at the holidays.  After all, they were my first *children* and since the arrival of our daughter, they don't nearly get the attention they used to.   So this Easter we decided to spoil them for the day.  I found a ton of goodies for them at Walmart. The first thing we did was give the dogs a bath.  Now, I believe they … [Read more...]

Feeding My Zoo with Del Monte Products #ILoveMyK9

After spending the afternoon with my daughter at the park, a failed attempt at napping (I'm batting about .150 right now) and cleaning the house, everyone in my family was looking forward to a relaxing Friday evening.  When my husband asked what was on the agenda, I told him, "I'm feeding my zoo with Del Monte products."  After a blank stare (his, not mine), I explained we were going to watch We Bought A Zoo and then everyone in the family was going to get some yummy snacks from Del Monte.  Even … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge {Week 10}

Can you believe this is the final week of the photography challenge?  For those of you who stuck it out all 10 weeks, congratulations!  Your names will be entered in a drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Code and a camera strap from our very own Emily at Nap Time Is My Time.  I want to thank my co-hosts, Nap Time Is My Time, A Helicopter Mom and Sunshine and Sippy Cups and I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. This week our color is black.  You would think black is my favorite color since I wear … [Read more...]

The Dog Blog

If Wrigley and Rex had a dog blog, it would sound similar but they'd have to add to it: I slept on her bed and she didn't even realize it! I let the little one dress me up and then steal her food when she isn't looking. It WAS the dog! ROFL... Went trash surfing today, found a oreo!  Score!! Image Source: … [Read more...]

Pretty on Pinterest ~ Winter

My dogs love the snow.  They chase each other, roll around, bark and play.  If only they loved to wipe their paws off too.  Check out these stunning pictures of animals in snow.   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest   … [Read more...]