Saying Goodbye To A Pet Was Not On My Bucket List

It's taken me a few days to find the courage to write about this but now, I think I can do it. Last Friday, I went through with my decision to put Rex, my faithful dog of almost 15 years, down. Saying goodbye to a pet wasn't on my bucket list for 2014 but it was something that had to be done. I've always believed in quality of life over quantity and for Rex, I'm pretty sure he thought the same. For those of you who don't know Rex's story, he was a rescue. Literally. As his brothers and … [Read more...]

Live In The Moment

This is the time that many people look back on the year and talk about the highs, the lows and what they hope for the future. They make resolutions or set goals and vow that next year will be different. As a blogger, I'm obligated to write this post. Blogging 101 tells you a year end wrap up is a necessity. Don't believe me? Go to your favorite bloggers' sites, I'm sure you'll find a year end post here or there. :) I'm going to break tradition a bit and have decided instead of looking … [Read more...]

Tell Me Your Dream with the Konica Minolta Dream Printer

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting (#MC) on behalf of Konica Minolta. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating #DreamPrinter As hard as I tried to avoid it, I'm raising a girly-girl who loves pink, wants to be a princess when she grows up and thinks the world revolves around hair bands (the kind that really go in your hair, not bad music groups from the 80s). She only gets to be a kid once so instead of fighting it, I'm embracing it all and letting her … [Read more...]

I Want To Grow Up Small Like You

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gymboree and their #CherishChildhood campaign. Regardless, statements are 100% mine and yours may differ. My daughter always tells me, "Mom, I want to grow up small like you." And I always respond to her, "I don't want you to ever grow up. Can you stay little forever?" She then gives me that smirky grin of hers and says of course mommy. Sometimes kids want to grow up too fast and it's our responsibility as parents to slow them down.  We have … [Read more...]

What Happens When You Unplug

This weekend, I took a break. A break from social media, my emails and spent time with my daughter and our friends who traveled all the way from Arkansas to spend the weekend with us. It was hard at first. All I thought about were the emails that were piling up in my inbox. Working in social media makes it hard to unplug at times. If you're not on 24-7, you feel like you need to be. What happens when you unplug? These precious moments... You get to be there when two little girls from Arkansas … [Read more...]

Mariano’s Elmhurst Grand Opening

A couple of months ago I told you how ecstatic I was that Mariano's had opened a new store in Hardwood Heights.  Well, can you imagine how much I jumped up and down (and squealed a little) when I learned that they would be opening a store even closer to me? On June 25th, Mariano's opened their Elmhurst location and I couldn't be happier. This store will definitely be #MyMarianos. Remember how I said I like to be inspired when I go to a grocery store? Well, I still like to be inspired but … [Read more...]

The Last School Field Trip

This post is about three weeks late but as they say, better late than never.  I've been thinking back about this day and how it should have been. How I should have gone to the grocery store that weekend to make sure she had enough snacks. How I should have applied globs of sunscreen on those chubby little cheeks and probably most importantly, how glad I am that I attended her last school field trip. Last year we found out that her school would be closing so there was no doubt in my mind … [Read more...]

My Daughter Threw A Tantrum #ThisIsMe

And I totally got it. I wanted to scream right along with her. I can't remember what set her off but I'm sure it was because she was tired. Isn't that the cause of most toddler tantrums? She was standing on her bed, yelling that I was no longer her best friend. That she wanted me to leave. That she didn't like me anymore. As she was yelling those words, I imagined they were coming out of my mouth. Only they were being said to her dad. Just over two months ago I filed for divorce. … [Read more...]

The Better Way to Organize Your Sitters – Sitterati

When you move to a new city, the first thing you have to do is build your network. You figure out who your pediatrician will be, where you're going to get your hair and nails done and because you'll need some adult only time at some point, someone whom you can trust to watch your children at a fair and reasonable price. I usually prefer to get references from people I come in contact with but sometimes, that's a bit harder with baby sitters. When I moved to Chicago, many of the people I became … [Read more...]

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Thanks to the Fairy Hobmother for sponsoring this post. For the past week I've been pounding the pavement trying to find a house in my price range to buy. After renting for 2 years, I'm over funding someone else's retirement. I want a place that I can again call my own where I can paint the walls any color I want, have as many pets as I need and be able to sit in the privacy of my backyard without commuters passing by. But in a down economy where the housing market is just started to rebound, … [Read more...]