Menu Plan Monday – Use Up The Pantry

Do you find when you open your kitchen pantry you have a lot of things to make food taste better but not necessarily anything that you can eat?  Take for instance my vinegar collection.  I'm actually doing pretty good only having six different kinds.  My challenge for the Menu Plan Monday is to use up the pantry items I have.  Almost every meal that I make will incorporate something from the pantry and the freezer. Monday Whole Wheat Pita Pizzas - I actually had these on another menu … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday {A Day Late}

Life is back to normal.  No traveling, no visitors and no excuses!  Time to get back on track with Menu Plan Monday.  It's been absent from the blog for a few weeks so instead of telling my husband to "check the blog" when he asked me what's for dinner, I had to actually tell him.   This week we're going heavy on the burgers.  They're cheap, easy to make and they fill me up.  Who cares that I'm making most of them without beef! Monday  Tuna Burgers with chipotle mayo and whole wheat pasta … [Read more...]

Easy Menu Planning With #CBias

Usually I make a weekly menu plan on Sunday evenings.  I've noticed by planning out our family's meals, not only am I better organized throughout the week, I also save money and get a variety of foods in our diets.  The foods that end up in my menu plans come a variety of sources.  Usually I'll include 1-2 "proven" family favorites, 2-3 new recipes that we haven't tried before and at least once a week I try to create my own spin on something whether it's spicing up a turkey burger or seeing what … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I intentionally did not create a menu plan.  I left my family (yes, everyone survived, even the dogs) and went to Iowa to spend some time with my parents and brothers.  My husband's cooking abilities are limited to throwing some meat on the grill and baking some asparagus in the oven so I bought simple things that he could make for himself and our daughter.  Have I mentioned her fascination with Suddenly Salad?  That kid LOVES the stuff.  I think she would eat it over chicken tenders … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

I guess I have a bad case of mommy brain because I didn't realize until now that I never posted Menu Plan Monday for last week!  Trust me, we ate and we ate well.  That was evidenced by our $120 grocery bill.  It may not seem like a lot to some of you but for a family of three, I think I went overboard.  My biggest obstacle is finding reasonably priced organic meats and produce.  There are a few things I refuse to skimp on and organic milk and chicken happen to be on the top of the list.  I've … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

This this point on, I'll need to get a little creative each week on Meal Plan Monday.  You see, I've committed to this little fitness challenge and one of my biggest struggles is watching what I eat.  Luckily I have two issues of Cooking Light that I haven't read yet and Pinterest.  Oh what would I do without Pinterest??  Maybe reconcile my bank statement, organize my craft room... Monday Turkey Burgers with low-calorie whole wheat English muffin dressed with salsa & red onion Steamed … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was my first week actually posting my menu plan for all the world (haha) to see.  For the most part I think I did a good job sticking with the plan.  I didn't make the Spinach Tomato Tortellini and instead, we ended up getting fast food (gasp).  I decided that last week was too much cooking (well, not so much the cooking part, more like too much cleaning afterwards) and I needed to use my slow cooker at least once per week.  Also, I want to make sure we have a vegetarian meal on the … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – The Inaugural Edition

As I talked about in my April goals, one of the things I want to start doing is creating a menu plan on Monday and actually sticking to it.  I'm focusing on dinners because that's where the time crunch usually is.  This week it's pretty easy because my husband is traveling most of the week and we may be joining him.  My daughter likes to eat a lot of breakfast for dinner, so don't be surprised if you see cereal on my meal  We're both a fan of it when daddy is traveling. … [Read more...]