Cranberry Margarita Recipe

Thank you to Dasani for sponsoring this post and as a reminder, you must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. When doing so, please drink responsibly. No drinking and driving, and no drinking and texting!  Everyone should have a signature drink during the holidays. Some people get all crazy and drink egg nog (which doesn't sound remotely good to me) and others, buy a seasonal beer (OK, I've done that). This year I decided to be a little creative and tried a cranberry margarita recipe, of … [Read more...]

Low Calorie Wine Find: Brancott Estate Flight Song

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brancott Estate Wines. I received product samples of low calorie wine to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #MC Summertime is coming. I know it is because we went from 70 degrees one day to snow the next. Crazy weather like that always happens in the midwest and that means that those hot and humid temperatures are just around the corner, so I'm on the hunt for some … [Read more...]

25 Amazing Strawberry Recipes

One thing I look forward to every year is the start of strawberry season. When it comes we can find strawberries everywhere. And for dirt cheap too! I'm pretty sure my kids eat their weight in them for those first few weeks. But then we have to start getting creative with what we do with them. And we've found some awesome ways to use up our strawberries. If you have fresh or frozen strawberries lying around and are looking for some great ways to use them up try one, or all 25 of these … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Peach Recipes

Peach season is here! That means that everywhere you turn juicy, ripe peaches are going to be staring at you. And if you're like me and shop at Costco, you might have waay too many peaches go ripe at the same time and need something to do with them. Am I right? Well you're in luck! Because we've rounded up some amazingly delicious and awesome recipes that will help you use up all of those ripe peaches! 10 Awesome Peach Recipes 1. Peach Upside Down Cake - this delicious cake from the … [Read more...]

Shamrock Shakes

It's 11:37 at night and my evening is just starting.  After flying across the country and taking a long cab ride, I've finally settled into my hotel. Now it's time to read through the 100+ emails sitting in my in-boxes, figure out when I'm going to work out and think about the yummy Shamrock Shake I made earlier with International Delight Light Iced Coffee in Vanilla.I knew today would be hectic. It started out with the threat of a winter storm which tends to put anyone who is flying in a panic. … [Read more...]

Light Iced Coffee: My Daily Night Cap

My other life begins after 9:30.  After my daughter goes to bed, it's my time.  Time to catch up on emails, pay bills and when I'm being a good student, do my homework ahead of time.  I've always been a night owl so staying up late isn't out of the ordinary for me.  What is a little bit different is now instead of reaching for a bowl of cherry vanilla ice cream, I'm grabbing a glass of International Delight Light Iced Coffee. I started drinking iced coffee a few years ago because it was … [Read more...]

Choosing Wine Is Easy With California Wine Club

December was my second month in the California Wine Club.  This month I received two bottles of wine from the Daniel Gehrs winery, the 2009 Coastal Merlot and the 2011 Santa Barbara White Hills Vineyard Chenin Blanc.  I've had my fair share of merlots but had never heard of a chenin blanc.  I'm sure I've seen it on menus but had never been brave enough to try it.  You know how it is when you're out at a restaurant.  You're paying top dollar for glass of wine so you want to make sure its … [Read more...]

Experience More With California Wine Club {Giveaway}

Going to the a wine store can be intimidating.  There are thousands of beautiful bottles with interesting names and descriptions that make you wonder if you're going to eat the wine or drink it.  With so many different varieties of grapes, it can be hard for someone who isn't a sommelier (that's super smart wine person to those of you who haven't heard the term before) to pick out a decent bottle of wine that won't break the bank and tastes velvety smooth on your tongue.  Bruce and Pam Boring, … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Tea Mocktail

I know my daughter is coming down with something when she grabs her blanket and her baby and lays on my lap.  My first instinct, after giving her a big hug, was to put my hand on her head to check for a fever.  Mom's intuition was right, she felt a little hot.  She told me she was thirsty but she didn't want the usual drinks so I decided I would make her something special that the entire family could enjoy, an apple cider tea mocktail.   I've been working a lot lately so I didn't … [Read more...]

Crazy Cooking Challenge – Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

It's been a few months since I've participated in Mom's Crazy Cooking Challenge.  You know, that darn thing called life gets in the way.  There was this little trip to Disney World and some major changes in our personal life.  I'm glad to say life is getting back to the "norm" if there really is such a thing.  June's theme made it perfect to jump back in because it's quick and easy to make and it's a refreshing alternative on these hot summer days!  Yes, this month we are making smoothies. When … [Read more...]