Captain America Cookie Cake

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Captain American cookie cake

My nephew is turning 11 next month. His dad and I have talked about what to do for his birthday and of course, the aunt in me wants to plan his party. While my brother isn’t completely sold on the Captain America idea, yet, I thought I would show him how simple it would be to make a a Captain American cookie cake.

mms at walmart

Making a Captain America cookie cake is super simple. You can do the cheater route (which I did) or you can be an overachiever and make everything from scratch, except for the M&Ms®. For those, you’ll have to go to your local Walmart and pick up a couple of bags. Good luck walking out of there with only the plain ones. Somehow a bag of peanut butter M&Ms ended up in my cart as well. You might as well head over the electronics department and get Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier on DVD. If you do, take my advice and print this coupon to save a few bucks!


captain america M&Ms

 First step: Enlist some child labor to sort the M&Ms by color. In my house, that means my 5-year old. After washing her hands (please witness this activity, remember they will touch EVERY piece of candy), I gave her six bowls and had her start dividing the M&Ms. To make it more fun, we made a rule that any M&Ms that were irregular or hit the floor would be eaten. Then I took that rule away when several started hitting the floor.

captain america ingredients
Then pull out your cookie cake and white frosting. I went to the bakery at my local grocery store and asked for an unfrosted chocolate chip cookie cake. They looked at me a bit odd but went with it. You could take the cheaper route and make your own but for me, I don’t always have the luxury of time.

captain america shield cookie cake
As evenly as you can, frost your cookie cake with the white frosting. My suggestion is to make sure Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is on the television as you work on this cake. The movie is much better than the first one. I was lucky enough to be on the set of The Winter Soldier during the filming of a scene with Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson and remember how many takes it took (say that 5x fast) to satisfy the directors! Making this cake will take a lot less time…even if you make it all from scratch.

captain america shield cake
Next, start placing the outer ring of red M&Ms. This is the easy part! Put them fairly close together so it looks like a solid ring.

captain america shield 2
Instead of doing the second ring of red M&Ms, I decided to do my star. I wanted to be sure I had enough room for it and that my second ring of red M&Ms were evenly spaced. I have NO artistic skills whatsoever, so I went to my newly organized craft closet and found a wooden star cutout. I placed that in the enter of the cake and put the blue M&Ms around it. After the star was finished, I did the second ring of red about an inch from the outer ring.

captain america chocolate chip cookie cake
I told you this was a simple cake. 🙂

Who is your favorite superhero?

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  1. If your craft closet is organized I’m extremely jealous. I have made attempts at mine, but…still a mess. #client

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