Elegant Black and White Christmas Cards from Modern Greetings

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Now that Halloween is over, its time for me to start thinking about Christmas.  I know, there are those of you out there who are cheerleaders for Thanksgiving and don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving too (after all, you know how much I like to eat) but for me, preparing for Thanksgiving is packing the car and driving 4-5 hours.  Since we always travel for Thanksgiving, my list-making brain goes straight from putting away Halloween decorations to picking out Christmas cards.

I confess a lot of things on my blog and I’m about to let you in on another weirdo fact about me.  I want everyone in my circle to receive my Christmas card first.  Why? I have no idea.  For some reason I have this weird competition with the world and think if my card gets to my family and friends first, then all is right and life is in balance, when the truth of the matter is, no one but me cares.

Another fact about me, when it comes to my business world, I’m decisive.  I’ll ask for two options and pick one based upon facts and gut instinct.  When it comes to decisions in my personal life, I’m indecisive. And when it comes to things that have to do with design, I’m downright noncommittal.  There are too many options and I want them all!

This year, I’m way head of the game. I decided before even looking, I wanted find some black and white Christmas cards.  I searched several different sites and found exactly what I wanted at Modern Greetings.

No, we’re not the Ashbaugh family but Merry Christmas to them!

Modern Greetings made searching for my card easy.  Using their filtering system, I could choose the color scheme of the card, whether or not I wanted just text or wanted to add pictures and I also could pick a certain theme.  The card I send to my family and friends, may not be the most appropriate for my business colleagues.  What I really like about Modern Greetings’ site is that there are no minimum quantities that I have to order.  If I want just one custom card, I can order just one.  Other sites will make you order a minimum of 10 or even 25.  I also like that they tell me exactly up front what kind of paper upgrades I can choose from and how much it will cost.  Their site helps to reduce my indecisiveness and their shipping is pretty fast too.  My order arrived in less than a week with the typical, standard shipping.

In a world where everyone is striving to become paperless, I have to admit I still love paper.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all my gadgets and do as much as I can electronically but sometimes an eCard just cannot take the place of a card that arrives in the mail with a handwritten note from someone you don’t get to see that often.  And for me, an eCard will never take the place of the satisfaction I get from knowing that I sent my Christmas cards first.  Because yes, I’m weird like that.

Modern Greetings is a sponsor of the 2012 Noise Girls Winter Gift Guide and will be giving away a $100 Gift Certificate to their site!  Giveaway begins November 23!  If you’re looking for black and white Christmas cards, or any cards or stationery items for that matter, make sure to head on back to enter!

Disclosure: East9thStreet was provided product in order to conduct this review.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mind and yours may differ.  For example, you may think I’m not a weirdo for wanting to get my Christmas cards out first.

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  1. I love that card- it’s so pretty and elegant! I’d never heard of this brand before now – it’s great to know!

  2. I love that card! That are so stunning! I always struggle to find cards that are not too kid like at Christmas so this is a great option!

  3. Wow I love how modern and sophisticated it looks. Gorgeous!

  4. those are very classic and lovey

  5. I am not an eCard person either. I still love to give and receive traditional paper cards… I don’t always remember to mail them timely.. :)

  6. Love these! I always buy Christmas cards, and then forget about them not long after. I’m horrible lol!

  7. Love that one in your post!

  8. Cute cards! I made my own black and white cards one year and had my more traditional friends look at me like I was crazy, lol. They were like, where’s the red and green. I was baffled because I thought they were beautiful, and I still maintain that position. I don’t care if you don’t like the card I send you, it’s the thought that counts! And I agree, being the first to send them out is a triumph and a reason to celebrate.

  9. Marthalynn says:

    Very nice! I haven’t gotten our Christmas cards yet, so this is perfect timing. I love the modern design and black & white contrast. Heading to their site right now to check them out!

  10. i could sure use cards this year I am running so far behind, ths is a great company, nicely done cards i might add

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  11. beautiful cards..love the red/black/white theme in their cards

  12. They have really pretty cards.

  13. Karie Bledsoe says:

    Gorgeous card! Just love the simplicity

  14. Really pretty card!

  15. I love this site – they make it easy to select and make a card, and I’ve had good luck with fast shipping!

  16. Love that you can pick colors.. I’m pretty particular!


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