Heal Chapped Lips with Aquaphor

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Disclosure: Thank you to Aquaphor for sponsoring this post and helping me heal my chapped lips!  Regardless, opinions are 100% mine and yours may differ.

heal chapped lips with aquaphor lip repair

I knew fall was just around the corner when I started biting my lips. Yes my friends, I am one of those people who is constantly chewing on their lips. My lips are always horrendously dry so when they start to peel, I start to bite. It’s a disgusting habit and one that I’m not proud of but I guess it’s better than other habits I could have. You know, the ones that 4 year old boys (and 40 year old men) seem to do all the time.

But wait, I’m digressing. This post isn’t about the disgusting habits that boys of all ages engage in. This post is about the product that is helping me kick my biting habit. If there is a lip balm product on the market, I have tried it. Everything from Carmex to Burt’s Bees and more. Sure some smell pretty and even taste kinda good (what…you don’t eat your lip balm?), but they never truly healed my poor lips. Only made them tolerable. The best product for chapped lips that I found was Aquaphor.

Years ago, I worked in a dermatology office where I was introduced to Aquaphor. We recommended it to patients post procedures because of it’s ability to help with the healing process. I figured, if it was helping to heal the epidermis of the skin that had just undergone some major trauma (the things we do for beauty), it had to help my cracked, peeling lips. I bought a tube and within a week, I noticed a huge difference in my lips. They were smoother, not dry and even felt healthy.

Now they’ve made a product specifically for chapped lips called Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect. The cool thing about this product is that it contains an SPF 30. While I wish one of the active sunscreen ingredients was zinc oxide, that fact that it contains a sunscreen at all is a positive. I’m guilty of putting sunscreen all over my face and neck, only to ignore my lips. It’s also formulated for those with sensitive skin and is fragrance free.

So now, if you see my biting my lips, it’s because I’m nervous or anxious about something (you know, whether or not I’ll be here when Fedex shows up) and not because my lips are dry. Seriously, if you want to heal chapped lips (and not just mask the problem), try some Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect.


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  1. We use aquaphor for everything else but haven’t tried it on our lips! I’ll have to pick some out.

  2. Aquaphor is pretty amazing, we have always used it

  3. we use aquaphor here- lip stuff, and regular. i put it on the kids’ cheeks to protect them in snow

  4. I used that last Winter, worked wonderfully! Better stock up now, it’s getting cold here already!

  5. I have awful chapped lips. I’ve never tried Aquaphor before but I need to look for it.

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