Barbie Is Moving Tour is Coming To Chicago

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This is a sponsored post from OneToOne Network and Barbie. I’m super excited that I’ll be attending the Barbie is Moving Tour stop in Chicago and can’t wait to tweet all about it!

Did you hear? Barbie is leaving Malibu! Yes, that’s right. She’s fed up with Ken and she’s hitting the road (kidding of course!). She’s touring 13 different cities in search of a new home. That means the Barbie is Moving Tour is coming to Chicago on June 21-23. All families are invited to come out and experience the Barbie is Moving mobile tour!

Barbie Is Moving

Young (and old) fans will get to experience Barbie like they never have before. They will receive an all-access, free pass to the “best of” Barbie, including:

  • A fashion runway experience (complete with photo opps)
  • Mega Bloks Barbie play area where girls can build, design and decorate their own mini Barbie room
  • Fashion design area where each girl can create, customize their own Barbie outfit to take home

And be able to enter for a chance to win super-luxe prizes including:

  • The ultimate bedroom makeover by a Mattel designer
  • The new Barbie Dreamhouse

Growing up, I wasn’t a huge Barbie fan. But then I remember being introduced to them at a friends house. She had it all. Ken, the Dream House, the fancy schmancy car… And then I realized that Barbie was more than just a doll you could dress, she had accessories! My daughter has been a fan of them every since she saw her first Barbie at her friend’s house. Just the other day she told me Babes (her baby doll) needed new friends. Well, Babes is going to be ecstatic that Barbie is considering a move to Chicago! Now we just have to convince Barbie that a move to Chicago is what she needs….

Top 5 Reason Why Barbie Should Move To Chicago

Why would Barbie want to move to Chicago? Well, let’s see….

  1. Croughnuts. If you haven’t heard of croughnuts get out of bed early and head of to Gur Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst to snag a delicious croughnut before they sale out! I know Barbie watches her weight and all but even she can’t resist a piece of flakey goodness.
  2. Chicago Style Pizza. Forget about those thin crust pizzas! Barbie will be head over heels in love with our thick and saucy Chicago style pizza from such Chicago treasures such as Giordanos and Gino’s.
  3. Italian Beef. Big Al’s. Do I need to say more?
  4. North Avenue Beach. After Barbie gets done eating all that food, she’ll want to work out at one of the best strips of beach on the lake. North Avenue Beach will keep Barbie in shape as she jogs and walks with the best of them.
  5. Michigan Avenue. We all know that Barbie likes to shop. Where else can she get everything she needs in one short mile? The Barbie is Moving mobile tour will stop in Chicago on Friday, June 21 11-3 pm at the Toys “R” Us in Niles, Saturday, June 22 11-3 pm at the Wal-Mart in Rolling Meadows and Sunday, June 23 11-3 pm at the Kmart on S. Kedzie in Chicago and Monday, June 24 11-3 pm at the Meijer on S. Randall Road in St. Charles. We’ll be at the Rolling Meadows store so come out and join us!


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  1. How fun, I always played with barbies growing up. I still love them and have fun with my nieces when they want to play 🙂

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