Having A Ball With Fruit Shoot

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Thank you to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring today’s post!

To say my daughter is animated is an understatement. Earlier this week as we were exploring an empty field near our house, we took on different identities. We became “Hiker Girls” who were on a mission to climb mountains with Hiker Boy and Hiker Dog. In our adventures we raced up and down the mountains (berms) and ran through forests (weeds).

hiker girls

When we can’t go on explorations, we like to come up with different things to do in our front yard. One of the things my daughter likes to do is draw with chalk. She can’t get enough of it and can spend coloring the driveway. The other night instead of doing the usual chalk figurines, I decided to do something a bit different.

stunt hunt competition

We decided to make a short video and enter the Fruit Shoot “Have A Ball Stunt Hunt” competition. In case you haven’t heard about this, it’s pretty cool and simple. All you have to do is create of video of your child doing their best tricks, stunts or whatever using a Fruit Shoot bottle and a ball. You upload that video to the contest home page and then share the video with your friends and family and get them to vote for you. Each week, Fruit Shoot will choose a winning video and apply some cool special effects and release it on their homepage for everyone to see. Below is an example in case you need inspiration.

Our game involved chalk, a soccer ball and a couple of bottles of Fruit Shoot. I love my daughter but I’ll be the first to admit she is not the most coordinated and this is something she needs to work on.  So for our game, we made numbered stations on the driveway. From each station, her goal was to kick the soccer ball and knock over the Fruit Shoot bottles. I’m happy to report that her foot connect with the ball and the ball connected with the bottles! She was proud, I was proud and that night, we become Soccer Girls. 🙂

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