5 Rules to Regifting

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Christmas Gift You’ve done it again.  You’ve waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping and not only do you not have the time, motivation or money, most of the best items are already picked over!  So what do you do?  You can buy everyone gift cards (the easy way out) or you can look around your house for items that you can regift.  What is regifting you ask?  It is simply passing on a gift that is still new, to somebody else.

Think about it.  We’ve all been a part of Christmas gift exchanges where the gift we received did not make us feel so *merry* but we knew someone else it would be perfect for.  The snowman candle holder that I received a few years ago?  It sure doesn’t make my bells jingle but for my friend who collects snowmen, its perfect.  That picture frame you bought and never used?  Perfect for Christmas time.

There are a few rules one should follow when regifting.  After all, you never want the person who GAVE you the gift to know you passed it on.  To a better place.  Out of your house…

5 Rules to Regifting

  1. Always give new gifts.  If you’ve used it or opened it, then you need to keep it.
  2. Never regift in the same social circles.  You. Will. Get. Busted.  Unless you want to own up to it, don’t do it!
  3. Check expiration dates!  This is especially important for food items.  I love all the jams, jellies and other items that I receive at Christmas but sometimes I don’t get through them all.  Before I regift them, I want to make sure they still have shelf life left.  Getting botulism for the holidays is NOT the way anyone wants to ring in the new year.
  4. Inspect the gift.  360+ days ago that gift was in perfect condition.  Make sure it stayed that way.
  5. Never give away some thing specifically for you.  I have a sign that says, “Welcome to the ______” (<– insert my last name).  As much as that sign does not fit my personality, style or decor, the person who gave it to me is going to expect to see it at some point.  Plus, regifting it would be kind of hard (see Rule #2).

Remember, giving gifts is not about how much money you spend.  It is about finding gifts that your recipient will find special.  So, my snowman collecting friend, you’re going to have a very, Merry, Christmas. :)


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  1. Good rules, my daughter tried to regift and autographed book to her cousin. I pointed out to her that could be awkward!

  2. Great rules! I know a couple of people who need to read this!

  3. I am always afraid to get caught!  Love the rules!

  4. hahaha – my Grandma was once given a tea set, that had sugar in the sugar bowl!!!!
    They were totally caught regifting something they had used!!!
    Good rules to prevent such incidents!

    • If it would have been full of the sugar packets, my grandmother would have loved it. She was always “borrowing” them and liquid creamers from restaurants.

  5. What about re-using gift bags? Are there any rules for that? A couple of the same gift bags have gone back and forth between mine and my SIL house multiple times. :)

    • I always reuse bags! However, just remember to take off the gift tag from last year…lol. I’ve had that happen to me before. 😉


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