5 Reasons to Ditch the Flip Phone

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ditch the flip phone

This is an open letter to my dad….and why I think he needs to ditch his flip phone!

Dear Dad,

I know you refer to your flip phone as an overpriced pocket watch. I’ve seen you look at it confused, annoyed and even disgusted with it’s limited capabilities. Growing up, you hated talking on the phone. Maybe it was the rotary dial (yes, I’m picking on you) or maybe it was the fact that the only calls you got were the ones where you kids needed bailed out, either way, the telephones were never your thing.

Now that you’ve had a cell phone for a while, it’s time to let you in on a little secret…your phone sucks. Yes, I said it, it sucks. We’ve been holding back out of niceness but now it’s time to lay it on the line and tell you why need to get rid of that flip phone!


I know you don’t text and I understand why. Having to push the #1 button three times to type a C is ridiculous! Both our lives would be so much easier if we could easily text back and forth. You wouldn’t have to listen to me nag you about getting your eyes checked and I wouldn’t have to wonder if you received my message.


There is this wonderful thing called the internet that you can access on your phone (well, not your phone but you see where I am going with this). Instead of driving to the bank or even calling them, you can look at your accounts online!


Right now if I send you photos, they are small and grainy. That’s completely fine if I’m having a bad hair day or it’s been several months since my last Botox injection but usually, I want to see you pictures of my mini-me and me.

That Dang Monthly Card

I realize that not all flip phones are like this but having to renew your phone plan every 30 days is annoying…for your kids. We understand that you don’t remember when it’s time to renew but realize that if we’re not blowing up your phone, it’s probably time to get a new phone card.


You really must try a smartphone. In fact, I’m going to give you my Sharp AQUOS Crystal from Sprint. Not only do you have the ability to take awesome photos (yes, YOU can send me pictures too), excellent speaker quality and lots of other bells and whistles, you can also make phone calls and send texts over WIFI. I realize this is a foreign concept for you but for those of us who have limited minutes and texting, this is awesome.

And I want to stress the picture quality. I’ve had many smartphones over the years and I’m thoroughly impressed with this phone. I don’t understand all that technical mumbo jumbo but this phone has

Yes Dad, this might be a more expensive pocket watch but trust me, once you get your eyes checked and we teach you how to use this thing, you’ll never go back to your ancient flip phone.

Merry Christmas and you’re welcome. 😉


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