5 Beach Must Haves

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Figleaves.com. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

You’ve finally done it. You booked the family vacation to the beach and now, you have no clue what to take with you. While I’m sure you can think of a million things you WANT to take, here are 5 beach must haves.

beach must haves


Technically you shouldn’t wait until summer to start slathering on the sunscreen but I’ll take off my dermatology hat for a moment and give you a reprieve. If you’re at the beach make sure you’re using a water resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen. Don’t just buy the cheapest bottle, look at the list of ingredients. I tell my friends to purchase sunscreens with at least 5% zinc oxide. There are several that you can buy at your local drug store. And for the love of Pete, reapply. If you put sunscreen on at 9 am and never reapply, don’t ask me why you got a sunburn.

Beach Cart with Wheels

Multiple trips from the car to the beach is not fun. Either is trying to carry everything while hanging onto your toddler. Instead of being frustrated with the set up process, do yourself a favor and invest in a beach cart with wheels. The key is getting a beach cart that will actually roll in the sand. No wait, the key is getting one that will actually roll in the sand being pulled by your toddler.

Refillable Water Bottles

It’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re spending time in the sun. Many silly decisions have been made by people who spend too much time in the sun (have I told you about my trip to Woodstock) without proper hydration. Don’t be a statistic or make decisions under the influence of dehydration!

Proper Footwear

Last year you would have seen me and my daughter walking around the beach in our flip flops or as she calls them, between-the-toe sandals. Well, after many years of slipping out of my sandals, I’ve finally wised up. Instead of sandals that slip off, I’m going with sandals that have straps in the back. My daughter loves her Keens and I’m pretty partial to Ahnu.

A Bathing Suit that Fits

bathing suit

I cannot stress this enough. It’s really not enjoyable when you’re constantly adjusting your bathing suit to make sure everything that needs to be covered actually is. Now that I’m, ahem, knocking on 40’s door, I can’t just go out to Target and buy a bathing suit on a whim. I especially can’t do that in the middle of winter in Kansas so I resort to online shopping. Recently I discovered an online store called Figleaves that has stylish and cute bathing suits that fit my weird body type well. Just because I’m a mom and pushing 40 doesn’t mean I want to wear a bathing suit that makes me look…well 40.

figleaves bathing suit guide by shape

 So what’s really cool about their site is that their bathing suits are sized according to bra size. I’m a weird size that typically isn’t carried at most stores. Even better, on their site they even tell you which suits are best for your body type and why. In fact, Figleaves offers 200+ designers of lingerie, swimwear, apparel, sleepwear and more – from popular designers such as Vix and Aguaclara, to private labels and exclusive items from brands like Midnight Grace, Just Peachy, and of course, the Figleaves label.

What are your beach must haves?

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