30 Day Challenge – No Diet Pop

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There are two things you will usually see in my hands: my iPhone and a diet pop. Usually diet Pepsi but on occasion I go wild and have a diet Coke. I drink them because I like the taste, it gives me a bit of caffeine in the morning and it’s relatively inexpensive when you compare it to individual bottles of fruit juices, etc. and most importantly? It has no calories.

Sure, I know the downfalls of drinking diet pop. The artificial sweeteners that have been linked to cancer, the phosphorus that robs my body of calcium and the fact that instead of drinking diet pop, I should be drinking water. I get all of those reasons and yet I still drink on. And on, and on.

A few weeks ago something hit me. Maybe it was the fact that I had created a wall of pop cans in my office or maybe it was because I looked liked a homeless person  on the train with my Walmart bag full of empty cans, either way I knew it was time to cut back on my bad habit.

When it comes to food and beverages, I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. For people who can eat just once Reeses Peanut Butter cup, I applaud you. If I eat one, you can bet two, three and four are sure to follow. Even foods I don’t like get 2-3 bites just because I have to make sure.  So cutting down wasn’t really an option for me.  Not if I really wanted to make a change.

I decided on Sunday that I should do a 30 day challenge and give up my beloved diet pop. It wasn’t specifically planned, it just happened. I woke up, didn’t have any diet pop in the house and wallah, decided to go for it. And to seal the deal, I posted my quest on Facebook putting it out there for all the world to see (or at least 3.5% of my fans – ha!).

So now I am almost done with this journey. There are only three more days and I will have made it the full 30 days. Do I feel different?  Yes. I’m not as bloated at the end of the day and I don’t have that artificial sweetener after taste in mouth. And even though I’ve only worked out a few times since starting this challenge, I’ve maintained my weight. Has cutting the diet pop curbed my appetite?  I would say somewhat. I don’t late night snack like I used to and I’ve abandoned some of the habits I had (diet Pepsi and Cheetos – yum).

Ideally when I finish this challenge I’ll never drink another diet pop again but let’s just be honest. I can tell you that won’t happen. There are just times that the only thing that will satisfy is a nice, refreshing carbonated, caffeinated drink.  But, what I hope to accomplish is instead of reaching for a can of whatever, I will more often go to the water cooler to quench my thirst.

What beverage or food should you give up for 30 days?


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  1. Yay for you Sarah!! I’m a tea addict….I need one hot cuppa, at minimum, every day.

  2. I used to drink tons of soda. I haven’t been able to completely cut it out yet but i’m down to one can (or glass) per day and have been doing that for about 4 months now which i’m thrilled about. Good luck 🙂

  3. Good for you! It’s so hard to give something like that up. I really need to give up coffee. I’ve tried in the past but it never stuck.

  4. I read this and thought this is SO me. I drink one after the other all day long (Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper). In fact, I’ve put back a bottle already and I’ve only been awake a half hour this morning. I keep telling myself every week when I go buy 12 more multi-packs that I have GOT to give it up. You’re inspiring! (even though I’m not ready yet, lol)

    • Trust me, it’s hard. I went through a drive thru the other day and ordered a diet coke, not even thinking about it. When I got to the window, I asked them to swap out a bottle water. I almost blew it!

  5. I am proud of you! I am addicted to soda. I wish I could try to do this challenge!

    • You could do it Melissa! The first week was the hardest but now, it doesn’t seem as big of a deal. Though I did miss having something with flavor to drink on my recent road trips.

  6. Good for you! I’m also an addict and need to take this challenge as well. Look forward to seeing an update!

  7. I’m not much of a soda drinker but if I had to give up on something, it would be coffee.

  8. Good for you! I have a terrible diet Mtn Dew habit. I need to take this challenge. It’s 10:14 and I’ve already had two cans.

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